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Denver Broncos Easiest Games in 2022

Easiest Games for Broncos in 2022

With the NFL’s 2022 schedule now released, Last Word on Pro Football is analyzing the schedules of all 32 NFL teams. Each schedule for all 32 teams will be split into the most difficult games (1-8) and the easiest games (9-17). These are the Denver Broncos easiest games in 2022. They are ranked in order with 17 being the easiest.

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Easiest Games on 2022 Denver Broncos Schedule

#9: Week 18 @ Los Angeles Chargers

Since 2015, the Los Angeles Chargers are the only AFC West opponent that the Broncos have defeated on the road. This happened just last season. So a win in Los Angeles for Denver is not out of the question. And, quite honestly should be something the Broncos should be able to pull off. There is no reason why the Broncos can’t pull off a season sweep. That is being incredibly optimistic, but that is what schedule release day is all about. 

#10: Week 5 vs Indianapolis Colts

Historically the Indianapolis Colts have given the Broncos a hard time, no matter who the quarterback is. So, with the Colts upgrading in quarterback this season, believe this to be a competitive game in Denver. If the Broncos can stop the run, as they have built up that need in the offseason, the Broncos have a good chance of trying to keep Jonathon Taylor under his average. Defensively, the Colts are also really sound, so this will be an early showcase to see exactly how well the Broncos offense has come together and how well they can play against good defenses. What will also benefit the Broncos in this matchup is that it’s at home on a short week. Thursday night games rarely are won by the visiting team. So, having the game so early in the season at home points toward success for the Broncos. 

#11: Week 10 @ Tennessee Titans 

With the improved defensive line from a year ago, the Broncos should be able to at least contain Derrick Henry, who will be back to 100%. Expect the Broncos to outgun the Tennessee Titans to a Week 5 victory. Ryan Tannehill will also have immense pressure on him this season, as they fall out of the last two playoff exits as well as Malik Willis will be breathing down his neck. If that is the case, the Broncos Secondary can take advantage of a broken Tannehill in Nashville.

#12: Week 3 vs San Francisco 49ers

There is still so much to try and figure out about the San Francisco 49ers for the 2022 season. The Broncos are lucky enough to get them early in the season before they do figure it out. The Broncos also get them at home. Having these NFC West teams early in the schedule helps the Broncos, specifically Russell Wilson, as he is familiar with these teams, seeing as he played them twice a year for 9 seasons, so even if the Broncos are hitting on cylinders, the familiarity should be an advantage for Wilson. 

#13: Week 1 @ Seattle Seahawks

The only reason this game is not higher up on the list is that the opening game of a season can always go anyway. Especially when you consider that the entirety of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest will give their energy to the Seattle Seahawks. The Broncos do have a better team and should be overwhelming against a team who are still in search of their new quarterback, post-Wilson. It is also yet to be seen if it will be former Broncos quarterback Drew Lock starting for the Seahawks. 

#14: Week 8 @ Jacksonville Jaguars – International Series in London

An overseas game can be difficult for anyone, especially those teams that haven’t done it since 2012. But, the Broncos are the better team and should win this game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, no matter the location. This could take place in Antarctica and the Broncos should still win this game.  

#15: Week 12 @ Carolina Panthers 

The Broncos know a little bit of instability at the quarterback position, and that is exactly what the Carolina Panthers are currently going through. The Panthers and the Broncos have eerily similar seasons last season, so it makes sense that they end up playing against each other in 2022. Expect the Broncos to get a decently convincing win against a Panther team who might have rookie Matt Coral behind center at game time. 

#16: Week 7 vs New York Jets 

The New York Jets is one of the few teams in the AFC that is still rebuilding with a young team. The Broncos should be able to take care of business here, especially with the game being at home. Zach Wilson is still trying to find himself in the NFL, and having a date against what could be a great defensive backfield for the Broncos could potentially be a good game for Denver. 

#17: Week 2 vs Houston Texans

There is absolutely no way the Broncos should lose this game. It’s the home opener, after potentially winning an emotional game against Russell Wilson’s old team. The Broncos faithful will be rocking at Empower Field at Mile High, making it difficult for the Texans. If the Broncos were to stumble in the opening week, a visit from the Houston Texans is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

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