Minnesota Vikings Most Difficult Games in 2022

Minnesota Vikings Schedule
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With the NFL’s 2022 schedule now released, Last Word on Sports NFL is analyzing the schedules of all 32 NFL teams. Each schedule for all 32 teams will be split into the most difficult games (1-8) and the easiest games (9-17). Here are the Minnesota Vikings most difficult games on their schedule in 2022, ranked in order with one being the most difficult.

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Most Difficult Games on 2022 Minnesota Vikings Schedule

#1: Week 17 @ Green Bay Packers

Playing the Green Bay Packers is never an easy game for the Vikings. Playing Green Bay at home late in the season is even harder, making this the toughest game on the schedule for Minnesota. In Week 17, the Vikings will be faced with the task of trying to go into Lambeau Field and coming away with a win against Aaron Rodgers and company, something that hasn’t happened very often traditionally. Since 1990, Minnesota is just 3-8 in games played against the Packers in December or January at Lambeau Field. Not only are there major NFC North title implications in this game, but it is one fans will be looking forward to all season.

#2: Week 10 @ Buffalo Bills

When it comes to top teams in the AFC in 2022, the Buffalo Bills will once again be in that conversation as they have been the last few years with Josh Allen and former Viking Stefon Diggs leading the charge in Buffalo. Not only will this game be a tough one for the Vikings in general, but it will also come on the road in the second half of the regular season, which presents an excelled level of difficulty. Buffalo held the top defense in the NFL in points allowed in 2021, which will be a tough task for Minnesota to overcome while trying to counter what Buffalo is able to do offensively. This game could also be a revenge game for Diggs, who oftentimes looks for games exactly like these to put on a show while trying to stick it to his former team.

#3: Week 1 vs. Green Bay Packers

Like the Week 17 games in Green Bay, the season-opening game against the Packers will also be one of the toughest on the Vikings schedule this season. Even with the game taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota always has its troubles with Green Bay and there’s no reason to think this season will be any different. It could also be a harder game for the Vikings while dealing with some new play-callers on both sides of the ball with a new coaching staff in place. The mix of players and coaches getting familiar with each other and Rodgers and company coming into town right out of the gate makes this Week 1 matchup near the top of the list of toughest games in 2022 for Minnesota.

#4: Week 11 vs. Dallas Cowboys

A week after taking on Buffalo in Week 10, Minnesota will bounce back with another tough opponent in Week 11 when the Dallas Cowboys come to town in Minneapolis. Since U.S. Bank Stadium opened in Minnesota, the Cowboys are 3-0 in games played on the Vikings home field, so it’s a venue Dallas is comfortable in even though it’s a road stadium. This matchup will be one of the toughest of the year for Minnesota, mainly with the Cowboys offense led by Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and company.

#5: Week 5 @ Philadelphia Eagles

Playing on the biggest of stages is always a tough task for the Vikings to take on, and a Monday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 5 will be no exception. Minnesota will hit the road early on in the regular season to face an Eagles team that improved over the offseason, notably trading for wide receiver A.J. Brown on draft night. Philadelphia has continued to work to provide Jalen Hurts the tools and weapons to continue to improve in 2022, and this game will be a tough road contest — which also happens to be on national television — for the Vikings to try and come out on top in.

#6: Week 4 vs New Orleans Saints

Over the years, the New Orleans Saints and the Vikings have established a fun and evolving rivalry, mainly taking place in the postseason over the last decade-plus. This Week 4 matchup won’t be a playoff game, but it will still be entertaining and interesting to see two similar teams battle it out. This game will be a tough one for both New Orleans and Minnesota with it taking place on a global stage in London during the 2022 International Series. Early-morning international games always throw a tough curveball to teams taking the field in the contest, and that will be the case once again for both the Saints and Vikings early in the year.

#7: Week 8 vs Arizona Cardinals

This offseason was one of the questions for the Arizona Cardinals, mainly with the status of quarterback Kyler Murray and his rumored unease with the organization and notably his contract situation. Therefore, this Week 8 battle in Minnesota can be a tougher one as Murray hopes to go on a rampage in 2022. His prove-it mission will certainly pose a challenge to Minnesota, thanks to Arizona’s high-flying offense. The Cardinals are a mature team that has the talent of a top-tier squad, and will not be an easy opponent for the Vikings.

With that taking place, this Week 8 battle in Minnesota could be a tougher one for the Vikings for the fact that Murray could be on a prove-it type mission this season to show the Cardinals and the rest of the NFL that he indeed should be considered one of the best at his position. Arizona is a mature team that will continue to be in the conversation as a top-tier squad in the league, resulting in this game being one of the tougher ones on Minnesota’s schedule.

#8: Week 6 @ Miami Dolphins

Among teams making moves this offseason to acquire talent, the Miami Dolphins were at the top of that transaction wave while adding pieces to surrounding Tua Tagovialoa as the Dolphins look to see if he is indeed their quarterback of the future. Miami went out and traded for wide receiver Tyreek Hill, adding a top receiving talent in the NFL to the Dolphins offense. Miami also now has an offensive-minded head coach after hiring Mike McDaniel this offseason, an addition that could help take the Dolphins offense and team to new heights in 2022.

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