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Denver Broncos Most Difficult Games in 2022

Denver Broncos Easiest Games in 2022

With the NFL’s 2022 schedule now released, Last Word on Pro Football is analyzing the schedules of all 32 NFL teams. Each schedule for all 32 teams will be split into the most difficult games (1-8) and the easiest games (9-17). These are the Denver Broncos most difficult games in 2022. They are ranked in order with one being the most difficult.

Check out the Denver Broncos Easiest Games of 2022

Most Difficult Games on 2022 Denver Broncos Schedule

#1: Week 14 vs Kansas City Chiefs

Even though these are drastically different squads from last year, all Broncos fans will tell you that there is some PTSD when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs. The hardest game of the year will by far be that first game against them on week 14, in Denver. The first of two games in four weeks will test the Broncos’ mentality and try to get over past trauma. If the Broncos are the team many suspects they can be in 2022, beating the Chiefs will be a must. This can seem daunting since the Broncos have failed to do so over the past 13 games. 

#2: Week 17 @ Kansas City Chiefs

While the week 14 matchup against the Chiefs can be a huge monkey-off-the-back moment, if the Broncos lose that game, the game three weeks later in Kansas City becomes the most critical game since Super Bowl 50. Regardless of the outcome from the previous matchup, Arrowhead is sure to be loud and obnoxious. The Broncos have a chance to finally break the winless streak and position themselves to win the division.

#3: Week 16 @ Los Angeles Rams

With the schedule’s announcement, Bronco fans knew that they were going to get an extra Christmas present, as Denver takes on the defending Super Bowl Champions. This is smack dab in the middle of that incredibly six-week stretch to end the season that the Broncos must face if they want to make the playoffs. Russell Wilson’s experience with playing the Los Angeles Rams late in the season can be a helpful tool. Beating the defending Super Bowl is something that the Broncos want to add to their 2022 resume. 

#4: Week 13 @ Baltimore Ravens

The week 13 matchup against the Baltimore Ravens starts an absolutely brutal stretch for the Broncos in the last six weeks of the season. Being able to get on a great start to start that stretch and to end the season will be vital if the Broncos. On the flip side, the Ravens, after failing to make the playoffs after a good start in 2021, will also be looking to make a strong finish. This can turn out to be a fantastic game. A game that can turn into a measuring stick as the last third of the season starts. 

#5: Week 18 vs Los Angeles Chargers

These AFC West games will count as two games. If the Broncos can pull off the win against the Los Angeles Chargers, then sweeping the Chargers in 2022 will go a long way in winning the AFC West. This game adds an added layer of importance seeing as it is the last game of the season. Both of these teams, will undoubtedly, be playing for something, quite possibly the division title. Expect this game to have a good chance of it being flexed out to Sunday Night Football.

#6: Week 4 @ Las Vegas Raiders

The Broncos are hoping they can be the Luke Skywalker to the Las Vegas Raiders’ Death Star. While the struggles against the Chiefs have been well documented, the Broncos have also struggled against the Raiders on the road. Denver has not beaten the Raiders in whatever city they are in, since 2015. If the Broncos are serious about making a playoff run, defeating mortal enemy Josh McDaniels, on the road.

#7: Week 15 vs Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals, under Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray, have had a history of getting on to a hot start and then falling all over themselves at the end of the season. The Broncos will face the Cardinals in the second half of the season, so if history is any indication, the Broncos could get a win on the road in Phoenix. With that said, however, the Cardinals are still a young, talented team that can be dangerous. If not careful the Broncos can drop a winnable game when they need them the most. 

#8: Week 11 vs Las Vegas Raiders

Division games, especially this season, are going to be so incredibly important to win. That goes doubly for the home team, as finishing 3-3 might win the division. The Broncos have a four-game losing streak to the Raiders. This game will become even more important if they aren’t able to beat them in Las Vegas in week four. By week 11, the division should be tightly contested by all four teams. So, dropping this game could be devastating for the Broncos. 

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