Last Word on Football Season 2, Episode 3: “We Should Get Into Sports Betting”

Sports Betting

Last Word on Football is back for Week 3 of the NFL. Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin try to start sticking to segments, and for once give Daniel Acevedo a proper introduction. This week’s topics include the ineptitude of the Atlanta Falcons, recaps from the games, and sports betting! Check out the episode for more details!

“We Should Get Into Sports Betting:” Last Word on Football Season 2, Episode 3

0:00 – Intro and for once we intro Danny Dimes

0:54 – Six Minutes of Slander featuring Dan Quinn and the Atlanta Falcons

3:35 – Aside to note that Danny and Seth are playing each other in fantasy this week, and Danny needs a Monday Night Miracle

5:55 – Potential additional slander – Adam Gase

7:53 – Random Recaps starting with the Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers

10:10 – Recap from Ryan vs Seth’s fantasy matchup last week

10:40 – Buffalo Bills vs Los Angeles Rams recap

11:57 – Did you know Justin Tucker is an opera singer

12:10 – Seth informs everyone he wants to get into sports betting

14:10 – Ryan announces his marriage in two weeks

15:00 – Back to the Bills and Josh Allen

17:02 – The Battle of the Beasts – Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Gardner Minshew

18:55 – Are the Minnesota Vikings imploding?

20:49 – Russell Wilson is the top MVP candidate. Who else is up there?

25:25 – Injury talk, and are we sure Nick Mullens is not better than Jimmy Garoppolo?

26:10 – Rapid Fire Questions

27:10 – Guess who Atlanta gets next? The Packers?

29:20 – Running backs and getting paid

31:10 – New Show? Last Word on Baseball?

33:00 – Differences in Eagles and Raiders fanbases

34:00 – Week 4 Predictions and random South Park mention

41:58 – Patrick Mahomes throws a touchdown pass to an offensive lineman

43:00 – Shout out to our sponsors, and outro

About the Podcast

Last Word on Football was a podcast thought of by producer Daniel Acevedo. Daniel also produces and hosts other podcasts. Check them out here. You can also follow him on Twitter @daniel_doesnt.

Daniel linked Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin together. Seth doesn’t really do social media. Ryan can be found on Twitter @RyanWorldEater. He writes a ton of fantasy football content for Last Word on Sports, and is also the Managing Editor for the lifestyle magazine section of LWOS,

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