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Packers offensive line
Jon Runyan Jr. Becoming a Key Part of the Green Bay Packers Offensive Line
Jim Weidner - Dec 1, 2020

Rookie offensive guard Jon Runyan Jr. has stepped in and produced when called upon for the Green Bay Packers offensive line.

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James Robinson Key To Jacksonville Jaguars Victory Over Minnesota Vikings
Brandon Eisenman - Dec 4, 2020

James Robinson has taken the NFL by storm in his rookie season. He will be the key to a Jaguars win ove the Vikings this week.

Patriots Quarterbacks
New England Patriots Quarterback Options in 2021

New England Patriots Quarterback Options in 2021: should New England bring back Cam Newton for another run or look somewhere else?

Carson Wentz Jalen Hurts
Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Controversy: Carson Wentz or Jalen Hurts?

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Controversy: With Carson Wentz struggling, should Doug Pederson turn to rookie passer Jalen Hurts?

Bill Belichick Coaching Tree
Revisiting the Bill Belichick Coaching Tree

Revisiting the Bill Belichick Coaching Tree: With Matt Patricia out in Detroit, the Bill Belichick Coaching Tree continues to grow thinner

Kyler Murray's Shoulder
Is Kyler Murray’s Shoulder an Issue Against New England Patriots?
Lewis Adamajtis - Nov 27, 2020

Seattle Seahawks‘ newly acquired defensive end Carlos Dunlap crushed the Arizona Cardinals‘ hopes of a fourth-quarter comeback in Week 11, sacking Kyler Murray on fourth down. It was not, however, the first time in the game that the former Cincinnati Bengal got his hands on Murray in the game. In what was perhaps another game-defining […]

Mike Pettine
An Early List of Possible Candidates to Replace Mike Pettine

Unless Pettine can turn around the defense this season, it is doubtful he will return in 2021. The chances of a turn around seem very unlikely. If Pettine hasn’t adjusted by now, it is difficult to see it ever happening. LaFleur will need to make a change. Here are some possible names that could be in the running to replace Pettine after this season. 

Matt Patricia
Matt Patricia Needs To Be Fired

Following the latest embarrassing loss, the Detroit Lions have no choice but to fire Matt Patricia and begin their search for a new coach.

Josh McDaniels
Josh McDaniels Could Be on the Move in 2021

If drama continues in Tampa Bay, New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could be reunited with his old quarterback in 2021