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Puck Talk Live Podcast: Episode 69 – Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions

Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions

LWOS writers Logan Rosengard and Noah Foster, along with good friend Raffi Sarrafian, discuss news, updates, and more surrounding the most entertaining league in North America, the NHL! We post shows every Friday at noon CST, anywhere you get your podcasts. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, @pucktalklivepodcast

Puck Talk Live Podcast: Episode 69 – Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions


In episode 69, Raffi, Noah, and guest Jonathan break down each series in the playoffs. But first, they give their closing thoughts on the Chicago Blackhawks season. Starting in the Central Division, the Carolina Hurricanes seem to be poised to easily take care of the Nashville Predators. But some of the hosts think Nashville could keep it close. The banged-up Tampa Bay Lightning take on the Florida Panthers in a battle for the state of Florida. The boys discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each Sunshine State team, and who is more likely to win. Moving east, the next series discussed is the Pittsburgh Penguins against the New York Islanders. Who has the edge with a defensive powerhouse against a lethal offence? Post-trade deadline Boston Bruins play the Washington Capitals in a matchup that could produce the winner of the division.

To the North Division, the boys talk about two series that seem to have clear winners: the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Montreal Canadiens and the Edmonton Oilers against the Winnipeg Jets. Both should be relatively easy series for the higher seed and should make for an explosive round two. Moving to the West Division, the Minnesota Wild is a tough opponent for the two seed, but a likely matchup of the Vegas Golden Knights against the Colorado Avalanche puts two top-tier teams head to head. Finally, to round out the Stanley Cup playoffs predictions, each host gives their division and Stanley Cup winners.

Who are Logan, Raffi, and Noah? Put simply; they are three high school friends who bonded over their strong love for hockey and decided to share their thoughts with the world via podcast. All three are die-hard Blackhawks fans, but Logan also cheers for the Hurricanes and Raffi also roots for the Bruins. You can find Logan and Noah’s articles on

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