Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews Injury Leaves Status Unclear

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The Chicago Blackhawks leave the season without an update on their sidelined captain. The Jonathan Toews injury has forced him to miss the entire 2020-21 season. He has been absent with an unknown condition leaving him drained and lethargic. At this point, his status for the 2021-22 season is undetermined. The organization is hopeful regarding the Jonathan Toews injury, but nobody is willing to give a confirmation on if he will play next season.

Jonathan Toews Injury Unclear

Jonathan Toews has captained the Blackhawks to three Stanley cups throughout his career. Undoubtedly, he is a huge part of the franchise. Without their captain, the Chicago Blackhawks’ season had some positives, however, they missed the playoffs by nine points this season. Certainly, the team missed him on and off the ice. This was even stated by some players during exit interviews.

Over his 13-year NHL career, Jonathan Toews has played 943 games for the Chicago Blackhawks. He has 345 goals and 470 assists for 815 points in 943 career games. He was originally drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks 3rd overall in the 2006 NHL draft.

Going Forward

It is a little surprising that there is still no true update on Toews. Health is the first and main priority, but it has come to a surprise that he is still out. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, he can make a return next year. However, Bowman’s comments certainly left the possibility open that he may not be back, at least right away.

It would be a shame if the Hawks had to go another year without their captain, who has been the life and blood of the team for the better part of a decade. We will keep an eye on Jonathan Toews’s injury as the story progresses.

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