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2020-21 Pittsburgh Penguins
Potential 2020-21 Pittsburgh Penguins Bounce Back or Breakout Players
Hunter Hodies - Dec 1, 2020

Welcome to the latest series here at Last Word on Hockey. Each day, we will take a look at a new team and examine three of their potential breakout or bounce-back players. These players have the chance to make a serious difference with their teams this upcoming season. These players can be new faces or […]

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Vancouver Canucks Draft
The Best First Round Vancouver Canucks Draft Picks, Part Three
Erin Butler - Dec 1, 2020

We’ve been using the temporary delay in the NHL to look over the Vancouver Canucks draft picks over their history. Just like every other team, there have been some great selections, some disastrous ones. My first articles here compared their selections to who was available in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s, so that’s ground pretty […]

QMJHL Pauses 2020-21 Season
Brandon Higley-Blair - Nov 30, 2020

The QMJHL has paused all games due to an increased number of cases of COVID-19. The QMJHL is pausing all games through Jan. 3 because of the worsening situation with COVID-19 and accompanying restrictions in Quebec and the Maritime provinces. — Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) November 30, 2020 QMJHL Season Halted The Quebec Major Junior Hockey […]

NHL Contracts
MnM Hockey Podcast: Best and Worst NHL Contracts for Each Team

Last Word on Hockey presents The MnM Hockey Podcast. The latest addition to the stable of LWOH Hockey Podcast Content. Every week Alex Metzger and Chace McCallum will share their thoughts on the news of the week, have a variety of guests from the world of hockey as well as spending some time on original […]

2021 NHL Draft Introductions Part 5: Jesper Wallstedt and Kent Johnson

Welcome to Last Word on Hockey’s 2021 NHL Draft Class introductions. The 2020 Draft class was a blast, and the 2021 NHL draft should be too. Alexis Lafreniere was the first overall pick for the New York Rangers in ‘20, but who will it be in ‘21? How about we here at Last Word introduce […]

Vancouver Canucks Draft
The Best Vancouver Canucks First Round Picks: Part Two
Erin Butler - Nov 29, 2020

We started talking about the Vancouver Canucks draft picks, we paid little heed to the spacing needed. After all, in 51 years of drafting there should be quite a spread of players selected through all 31 spots. Right? Well, after covering 15 players in the first chapter we have 16 more here. When a team […]

2020-21 goalie rankings
Puck Talk Live Podcast: 2020-21 Goalie Rankings and Kendall Coyne
Noah Foster - Nov 28, 2020

LWOS writers Logan Rosengard, Noah Foster, and good friend Raffi Sarrafian discuss news, updates, and more surrounding the most entertaining league in North America, the NHL! We post shows every Friday at noon CST, anywhere you get your podcasts. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, @pucktalklivepodcast.  Puck Talk Live Podcast: Episode 51 – 2020-21 […]

joe thornton
Joe Thornton San Jose Sharks Legacy: Folklore

We’re on to the second article in our four-part look at the San Jose Sharks career of Joe Thornton. Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: Brilliance Now: Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: Folklore Next: Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: California Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: Toronto With the departure of Joe Thornton, not only does the best player in San […]

Joe Thornton
Joe Thornton San Jose Sharks Legacy: Brilliance
Zeke Leo - Nov 26, 2020

There’s no disputing the legacy of Joe Thornton during his 15 seasons run with the San Jose Sharks. In this four-part series, we’ll explore several aspects of his legacy. Now: Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: Brilliance Next, Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: Folklore Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: California Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: Toronto It is appropriate this […]