What Do Al Nassr Gain in Signing Cristiano Ronaldo?

al nassr gain cristiano ronaldo

Over the last year or so, we have realised that Cristiano Ronaldo is past his prime as a football player. After a poor start to the 2022/2023 season and the controversial interview he gave with Piers Morgan, there wasn’t much Ronaldo could offer to Europe’s elite clubs. Ronaldo at 37 will not develop any further as a footballer. Furthermore, his high wages may put off clubs from taking the gamble in signing him. His interview would probably not impress the big clubs in Europe and may think he would do the same thing to him.

What Do Al Nassr Gain in Signing Cristiano Ronaldo?

Ronaldo joining Al Nassr in many ways shocked world football. Nevertheless, there are actually a few ways Ronaldo can benefit his new club and vice versa. Let’s go over a few of them.

His brand:

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players on the planet. His immense fame could put Saudi and Middle Eastern football on the map. Very few people outside of those countries have paid any attention to Al-Nassr but they certainly will now. Ronaldo would no doubt make a fortune back in shirt sales. Ronaldo is one of the best of all time. This could bring a lot of revenue to the club. Perhaps some people in Saudi Arabia could do business with his brand. Wherever Ronaldo goes there is an opportunity that follows him so this is great for Saudi Arabian football.

His talent:

Ronaldo is not the player he once was. Nevertheless, he has something to offer the Saudi club. He might not be the best in the world anymore but who is to say that he can’t do it in the Saudi Pro League? He wasn’t happy by any means at Manchester United over the last year. A fresh start in a completely new place could see an upward trajectory in his performance. Ronaldo is not completely finished playing football. If he was he would already be retired. Maybe he shows up to Al Nassr with a point to prove or a new adventure reinvigorates him from his time at Old Trafford.


Ronaldo is in the twilight of his career and we don’t know how much longer he will play. He has said he wants to play until he is age 40 but this is no guarantee. It is clear therefore that the Saudis are looking to the future with Ronaldo. Even when he retires at some point he could be at use. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and reportedly Greece want to host the World Cup together in 2030. They could want Ronaldo helping their bid and could get their wish.


Ronaldo’s longevity has been incredible. He has spent 20 years at the highest level and although that may come to an end, that experience doesn’t just go away. There is plenty of advice he can give the younger and inexperienced players. The way he conditions his body could be an example to his teammates. We saw this early on in his return to Manchester United. If Al-Nassr is pushing for domestic dominance then they will find Ronaldo’s credentials very useful.

So there are some of the reasons why Ronaldo would be of use to Al Nassr. Do you think this is a good move on Al-Nassr’s part and do you think it is a bad transfer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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