Chelsea Confirm New Head Coach Following Thomas Tuchel’s Departure

Graham Potter new head coach

Chelsea have confirmed the signing of a new head coach, the former Brighton & Hove Albion manager Graham Potter. Potter signs for the Blues on a five-year contract and will look to have an impact on the side as soon as possible.

Chelsea Confirm Signing of New Head Coach Graham Potter

Why Chelsea Needed a New Head Coach?

Todd Boehly’s side was looking into signing a new head coach after dispatching Thomas Tuchel following the defeat to Dinamo Zagreb. The loss in the Champions League was a nail in the manager’s coffin, as losses to Leeds United and Southampton set the tone for the poor results that followed.

What Are the Terms of The Deal?

The Englishman has signed for a five-year period at Cobham. This implies that Potter is at the club for an ongoing project, as he went through in his time at Brighton. He was a fundamental part of the club’s transformation into the highly-performing club it is today.

According to Simon Stoney, the Blues invested £21 million in compensation figures for Graham Potter and his backroom team. We can infer from this that the club will take on a significant proportion of the Englishman’s tactical and strategic methods in the coming months and years.

What Does Graham Potter Bring to Chelsea?

Graham Potter’s main benefit is his focus on tactical flexibility, whilst simultaneously avoiding the stereotype of “gritty” and overly defensive footballing tactics. This includes holding the ball and focusing on progressing up the pitch in a way that pulls gaps apart in the opposing defence.

The Englishman’s tenure at Brighton was marked by its incredible recruitment. Making profits on high-end players such as Benjamin White and Marc Cucurella demonstrated the club’s ability to find value in affordable players, whilst focusing on building their own squad to achieve results. It is this focus on intelligent recruiting strategies that place the club in the Champions League places at the time of writing.