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UEFA Fine Eight Clubs and Place Barcelona, Manchester City On Watchlist as They Announce Financial Fair Play Sanctions

UEFA have announced that Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Inter Milan are among the eight clubs hit with sanctions for Financial Fair Play breaches. Despite previous reports, Barcelona have avoided fines and will instead be placed on the watchlist over the next season along with Manchester City and Chelsea.

UEFA Fine Eight Clubs for Financial Fair Play Breaches

UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) First Chamber announced a series of decisions involving clubs that participated in the 2021/22 UEFA club competitions. The body has found eight clubs guilty of FFP breaches as they failed to comply with the break-even requirement.

The following clubs are among those fined by UEFA after the FFP review: Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Inter Milan, Roma, Marseille, Besiktas, Monaco and AC Milan.

The clubs have so far agreed to a total of £148 million in financial contributions, specific targets and conditional and unconditional sporting restrictions over the next few years.

Clubs on the UEFA Financial Fair Play Watchlist

The CFCB also announced that 19 other clubs were only able to meet with the body’s requirements due to the application of  COVID-19 emergency measures and/or because they benefited from their historical financial results.

The 19 clubs who escaped fines and are subsequently being monitored by UEFA are: Barcelona, Manchester City, Leicester City, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Lyon, Sevilla, Real Betis, Lazio, Rangers, West Ham United, Napoli and seven other European clubs.

UEFA announced that the clubs have been reminded that the exceptions that helped them avoid sanctions and fines will be non-existent in the next financial review. These clubs were also asked for additional financial information and will be monitored closely in the upcoming period to avoid further FFP breaches.

Warning Signs for Manchester City

The latest decision by UEFA will come as a warning to the Manchester City board. The English club were previously banned in 2020 from the Champions League for two seasons by UEFA and fined £25 million after they were found to have seriously misled European football’s governing body and broken financial fair play rules.

The severity of the ban from both of UEFA’s elite club competitions and the scale of the fine reflects how seriously UEFA’s FFP compliance bodies considered the club to have breached the rules and code of conduct.

After an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the ban was overturned. The latest decision by the body will however keep the City board on their toes as they try to avoid another breach of Financial Fair Play measures.


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