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Zlatan Ibrahimović Extends AC Milan Contract Despite Knee Injury

Zlatan Ibrahimović will not retire yet, as the Swede is set to extend his contract with AC Milan, according to Fabrizio Romano. He will be looking to win another Scudetto with Milan after his knee is fully healed.

Zlatan Ibrahimović’s Career Continues

Scored Goals With an Injured Knee 

As Zlatan Ibrahimović entered his late 30s, every season could’ve been his last, especially with the injuries he suffered. Still, now with his 41st birthday approaching, the seemingly immortal Ibrahimović has extended yet another contract, which will last until June 2023.

However, the Swede is only human, highlighted by the knee injury he suffered earlier this season. As a result, Ibrahimović is expected to be out for the remainder of the year and accept a lower salary.

The injury undoubtedly holds the 40-year-old back, but in a way, it also illustrates just how strong he is. Not many other people would be able to score eight goals in 23 matches without an anterior cruciate ligament in one knee. Additionally, on his Instagram Ibrahimović wrote that he was only able to participate in 10 training sessions throughout these last six months, making his goal tally even more impressive.

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Another Scudetto With Milan?

AC Milan had not won a Serie A title in almost 10 years when Zlatan Ibrahimović returned to the club in 2020. The Swede bagged a solid 15 league goals in his first season, which unfortunately wasn’t enough. Local rivals Inter Milan won the title with quite a comfortable margin of 12 points.

But the tides turned in more than one way the following season. Milan won their first Scudetto in a decade. Ibrahimović suffered a bad injury. Given what the Swede has accomplished throughout his career, he doesn’t have anything to prove. Still, he will be hoping to win another Scudetto in 2023 without having it be plagued by injury.

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