Real Madrid Confident on Kylian Mbappe Signing

Kylian Mbappe Signing

What is looking like one of the biggest transfer sagas of 2022 has taken a turn following a recent update from Fabrizio Romano. Following weeks and months of Mbappe indecisiveness, Real Madrid are reportedly more confident than ever that they will complete the Kylian Mbappe signing. Romano’s Tweet states: “Real Madrid are more optimistic and confident than ever on Mbappé deal. No official decision yet – Kylian is still thinking about it, but Real sources feel new contacts this week were positive…PSG improved proposal still on the table, waiting for Kylian to decide”

Real Madrid Optimistic Over Kylian Mbappe Signing


Real Madrid are already one of the strongest teams in all of Europe, as evidenced by their Champions League run this season. But it is clear to many that the squad is aging, superficially up front where Karim Benzema is about to turn 35. In typical Madrid fashion, they are chasing down the best of the best to replace Benzema in Kylian Mbappe. Mbappe would certainly fit the mold of Real Madrid signings with massive money likely on offer for one of the most talented strikers in the world.

Consistent Quality

One of the reasons that two of the richest teams in football are duking it out for Mbappe is his ability, in addition to his age. At just 23, Mbappe could be Paris Saint-Germain or Real Madrid’s top striker for over a decade to come. Kylian Mbappe’s goalscoring rate is something to behold, in his time with Paris Saint-Germain he has scored 167 goals in 215 games, with 115 of those goals coming in 140 Ligue 1 games and 27 goals coming in 44 games in European Competition.

Mbappe, like Benzema for Real, is a goal-getter and will look to get on the end of as many as possible. A world-class player with many years ahead of him.


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