Premier League Chairman Set to Resign

Premier League chairman Gary Hoffman is set to resign after Newcastle takeover fury, according to Sky News.

The announcement regarding the 61-year-old’s departure is expected in the coming days after just 18-months in the role.

Hoffman could reverse his decision if enough clubs support him, but such an event is unlikely.

The chairman’s resignation also comes at a time when the fan-led review is anticipated to drop this week.

Premier League Chairman Gary Hoffman expected to resign

Newcastle Takeover Fury

Premier League clubs have been furious with the leadership’s handling of the Newcastle United sale to a Saudi-led consortium and a majority had been calling for Hoffman to lose his job for weeks.

Following the takeover, league officials were forced to explain to the other 19 clubs how the deal was approved when the issue was not on the agenda at the stakeholders meeting two weeks prior to the sale.

Teams sent complaints to Premier League CEO Richard Masters and Hoffman about how they received little notice regarding the decision. It was reported that clubs found out through the media and received a confirmation email the following day.

Clubs view that the failure to correctly coordinate this issue was the final straw for the investment banker, who has overseen a difficult period in Premier League history since his appointment in April 2020.

Tough Reign

Hoffman’s short tenure has been far from ideal, either due to internal or external reasons. He began the role whilst football was shut down whilst the first national lockdown was in full force. The immediate consequences of the government’s decision can hardly be attributed to Hoffman, but the following events did not help his case.

Months after the original talk of English football needing a ‘reset’, Project Big Picture entered the public domain. This caused the sport to be plunged into an even deeper crisis. Only until it was officially rejected by the league did things become calmer.

However, behind-the-scenes scheming continued which erupted into the Super League being formalised. The notorious six’s attempt to usurp the Premier League exposed the weak power at the top of the leadership.

Even though the project was defeated and returned to the shadows, the impact on Hoffman was devastating.

Executives began to discuss whether he had the necessary credentials and skills to navigate the Premier League. They drew upon his governance, communication and political clout as areas he was deemed to be weak in.

The Premier League’s succession process will be an immediate priority for clubs. The amount of influence teams have, as well as the type of replacement they find, will be a key topic moving forward.


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