Tottenham Hotspur Fans Protest NFL Fixture Outside Stadium

A small group of Tottenham Hotspur fans protested outside the stadium which was hosting a NFL match today.

Tottenham Hotspur Fans Protest NFL Fixture Outside Stadium

‘ENIC Out’ Say Fans

Today the Atlanta Falcons faced the New York Jets in a NFL match. It was watched by a bumper crowd of more than 60,000 fans.

But outside the ground, a minuscule group of Spurs supporters showed their discontent against the owners at their club. They met outside the ground for 10.30 am, displaying a banner that read “ENIC Out, profit before glory.”


It was a much smaller demonstration than in May, with just a handful of staunch anti-ENIC fans involved. They shot a brief clip of walking their banner down Tottenham High Road, which lasted all of 18 seconds before being cut short.

A poster produced by the ENIC out group that met outside the ground today

There is a small section of Spurs fans that are deeply unhappy about the way that the club is run. In the light of Newcastle United’s new owners, it is these Spurs fans that hope for something similar in a free-spending owner. To a degree, this is understandable. Tottenham have missed key points where they could have and should have invested more funds in their squad.

Is There a Case for ENIC Out?

Under Daniel Levy, Spurs have only won a single trophy. This league cup victory does not live very long in the memory. But what will live far longer in the memory is the fantastic stadium as well as training facilities that ENIC have shelled out on. They have not been shy recently to break their transfer records for players like Tanguy Ndombele. There is a lot of credit that the Spurs owners are not getting because sadly there is no silverware for a shiny new stadium. But surely this will only come in time now that these mighty foundations have been laid.

However, this is only one small complaint in the grand scheme of things. ENIC have come under fire for their attempts to relocate the club to the Olympic Stadium and even Milton Keynes. Their u-turn over furloughing staff during lockdown was also a major fiasco.

Most recently Levy was one of the chairmen who agreed to join the Super League. As a result, Spurs were fined. But the wider fallout was again the argument that Tottenham’s owners care more about profit than what is good for the fans and the players.

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