Manchester United’s Spending Should Act as Defining Equaliser in Title Race

Manchester United’s spending

Nature is slowly healing from the pandemic. Nightclubs are open and so is the unofficial competition of who can embarrass themselves the most; fans are back in sporting events and, as such, so are the parodied version of songs turned into chants aimed towards the opposition; cinemas are back open so you can watch Fast & Furious nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14 and so on. Most notably in the football world, however, Manchester United’s spending has returned.

For the first time, the cash doesn’t seem to have been splashed in what you would describe as in a drunken state, either. There has been no Memphis Depay replicate. Nor has their been an Angel Di Maria or Alexis Sanchez. In fact, United have done their business in a stone cold sober, ruthless manner. It has been a case of what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer gets. And it’s long overdue.

Manchester United’s Spending Should Act as Defining Equaliser

Pressure on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

The Norwegian was forced to wait a whole year for Jadon Sancho, almost as if he was waiting for Amazon to finally deliver that expensive gift which is always worth the wait. And Sancho will definitely be worth the wait. He is undoubtedly world-class, made for the big occasion, made for Old Trafford.

If that didn’t please the fans enough, all of their Christmases came at once with the Raphael Varane signing. Again, the deal was struck in the most merciless fashion possible. Solskjaer wanted the Frenchman and before we knew it, Madrid had no choice but to hand him over.

Rivals would have been worried when Sancho walked through the Old Trafford doors, but when the Varane news emerged, a bead of sweat would have trickled down their forehead. Manchester City will be been frantically polishing their Premier League trophy and Liverpool will be polishing Virgil van Dijk’s boots, hoping to magic up a full recovery.

In fact, the only team perhaps in a relaxed state this transfer window is Chelsea. Freshly-crowned European champions, the Blues would have shrugged Varane and Sancho’s arrival off, as if to say, if they really wanted to, both those players would be at Stamford Bridge right now.

Manchester United’s Spending Could Result in Four-Horse Race

For the first time in what feels like an age, you can’t narrow the title race down to two teams. It is no longer colossal vs colossal with Liverpool vs Manchester City. It is colossal vs colossal vs colossal vs colossal. Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United have all earned the right to be recognised as title challengers. The pool of talent within those four teams should see the most competitive scrap for silverware in years.

Usually, one team stands out on paper, but not this time. There is an air of unpredictability. Liverpool and City are the experienced two when it comes to title wins in the last three years, whilst Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea side hold the European crown and Manchester United are spending as though they mean real business to put them in their best position heading into a season since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure.

Of course, this could all end in the usual disappointment, but the sheer thought that they could be on the path to glory once again should excite United fans as much as it should worry rival fans.

People should look forward to the official reopening of football as we know it. The star signings are back, the strange chants will return along with that big annoying drum, you know the one, and, most importantly, the overly expensive stale bread and sausage. Or, as most clubs like to call it: A hotdog, is back. Come August, the race for the grandest prize is on once again.

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