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Everton Managerial Candidates Assessed

Everton managerial candidates

After a handful of managers in the last five years, Everton must get the next appointment right. They believed Carlo Ancelotti was the right man; the guy to take them into the top six. And in many ways, he was. Ancelotti ticked the box for experience, winning mentality and world class management. Ironically, it was his experience that cost Everton. His CV was too good for a side whose greatest ambition is a Europa League. The owners must assess the Everton managerial candidates.

So, naturally, when a big side came calling, off he went much to the dismay of Everton fans. They are back to square one; back to where they started when Ancelotti originally came in. Yet, it must be said, a tenth placed finish doesn’t exactly yell ‘ideal candidate’.

It causes a problem for the Toffees. The fact that even Carlo Ancelotti couldn’t guide them above the likes of Leeds United should be worry; a worry that, should they get the next decision wrong, the downward spiral will begin once again.

Everton Must Get Next Appointment Right

Nuno Espírito Santo: An Ideal Candidate for Everton Managerial Position

Nuno Espírito Santo and Rafa Benitez have been linked with the job so far. One is a former Champions League winner with Liverpool. The other has come closer than Everton in the last three seasons to breaking into the top six with Wolves- finishing seventh in two consecutive seasons.

Reports suggest that it may well be Espírito Santo to get the job and perhaps this is for the best. If anyone knows how to transform a side, it’s him. When he arrived at Wolves, they were nothing more than a mid-table Championship side. By the time he left, just recently, he had made them a household name in the Premier League and taken them to a Europa League quarter-final.

The job would be a much-wanted step up for Nuno Espírito Santo, too. He left Wolves seemingly out of nowhere and in a comfortable position. You’d think that the only reason he had for leaving was ambition and the potential of a new project. And that is exactly what Everton is. He’ll have more money to spend and a better squad to utilise. It would be an ideal job for Espírito Santo to prove he can cut it at the top.

As managerial candidates go for Everton, the former Wolves man is certainly ideal.

Time for Rafa Benitez to Make Premier League Return?

Last time Rafa Benitez was managing in England, it was at Newcastle United– a job he left in controversial fashion. Ever since his departure, fans have been crying out for his return. The Spaniard has managed the very best. From Liverpool all the way to Real Madrid, his experience almost matches that of Carlo Ancelotti. The only problem? The fact that he is so embedded in the Liverpool history books.

It would certainly be a controversial appointment, that’s unquestionable. But perhaps a risk is what the Toffees need to take. Yet, at the same time, considering he hasn’t been a Premier League manager since 2019, it would be one hell of a risk. The safer choice when considering Everton managerial candidates seems to be Nuno Espírito Santo. Either way, the Toffees need to make the right decision.

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