Marcelo Bielsa Leeds United Contract Getting Closer

Bielsa Leeds United

Marcelo Bielsa is close to a new Leeds United deal according to The Telegraph: “The Leeds hierarchy are confident that the Argentinian will not walk away when his current deal expires at the end of the season.” Expectations within the club are that he remains completely committed to Leeds United and will continue his work into next season. The Marcelo Bielsa new Leeds United contract looks close.

Marcelo Bielsa Leeds United Contract Close

Lack of News on New Leeds United Deal

El Loco is renowned for his dislike of contract discussions, questions, and queries. He actively dismisses any mention of the topic, preferring to focus on the job at hand. Indeed, his last deal was only signed days before the start of the season. Bielsa prefers discussions to be at the end of the season and out of the press limelight.

Rumours circulated recently that a two-year deal had been agreed between the two sides, but Bielsa refuted this. The Athletic reported: “That information is not real. I ignore the origin. Those things, either the club can say or I can say it, we possess the information.”

Little Concern Within Leeds United Over Bielsa Deal

Andrea Radrizanni, the Leeds owner, has been comfortable with the contract situation for a while now according to LeedsLive: “There is a common will to continue and so far we have always got along well. We support Marcelo in his work and I think I can say that he is satisfied with his relations with the management of the club.”

The former Argentinian national team boss seems comfortable and settled too. “I feel integrated with the city and also this region in England and also what surrounds it, Yorkshire.” It is safe to say that Leeds fans are comfortable as well. Before Bielsa, they 16 hard years outside of the Premier League have elevated his status and his achievement to a legendary level.

First Premier League Experience

Bielsa’s Leeds have been a breath of fresh air for many this season in the Premier League. Players such as Patrick Bamford have improved vastly under his tutorage and are proving themselves as top-level talents. Unbeaten at home against the “big six”, it has been a rollercoaster ride. Though certainly an enjoyable one.

At the time of writing, newly promoted Leeds United sit comfortably in tenth position in the league. With three games to go, the Yorkshire club have won many fans around the country with their fast-paced, attacking style. Early criticisms of defensive naivety have quietened. Bielsa has adapted Leeds’ approach at the back, whilst not compromising on his ethos and demands.

Impending New Deal

Any firm news on Marcelo Bielsa being close to a new Leeds United deal will probably be on hold until the end of the current campaign. Bielsa told Sky Sports: Any reference to this subject, I prefer to make after the competition has finished,” said Bielsa. Though he continued to thank Radrizanni for his kind words on the topic. All seems well at Leeds HQ right now.

A real “man of honour”, there is no chance that Marcelo Bielsa would leave Leeds United without advanced warning for a leadership team he has worked so well with these last few years.

A few games to go, a few contract specifics to agree upon. Leeds fans can rest easy that this gentleman’s agreement carries more weight than most.

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