Premier League Big Six to Be Handed Fine Following European Super League Attempt

Premier League Big six
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The Premier League big six clubs that attempted to form a breakaway European Super League in April are set to be handed substantial fines by the league, according to Telegraph Sport.

Premier League Big Six to Be Heavily Fined by the Premier League

The Fines Will ‘Make Clear the Seriousness’ of the Actions of the Premier League Big Six

Calls for stronger punishments such as point deductions and European competition bans had been suggested as punishments for the clubs involved in the Super League plans. This development suggests they are unlikely to face such punishment from English governing bodies.

While UEFA has reportedly been considering bans from European competitions for the clubs involved in the plans, it is understood there is ‘no momentum’ behind such punishments from the other clubs and executives of the Premier League to hand these punishments out.

Decisions are yet to be made on the nature of the fines. It is undecided whether there will be deductions from future broadcast revenue or payable fines immediately. An official announcement on the punishment from the league is expected soon.

The report also revealed that there have never been any plans for a ‘British Super League’ that would include Celtic and Rangers in the Premier League, and that the league’s legal team have been working ‘intensively’ on organising a punishment for the clubs since the announcement of the plans for the Super League.

The League Can’t Do Much Else

While the punishment of fines alone may be seen as somewhat lenient by some, the fines are set to be heavy and are intended to significantly affect the clubs despite their wealth. This could be damaging to some of the clubs which already have vast debts.

If further action is to be taken on these clubs, it must now be done by UEFA. European football’s governing body is the only organisation that can punish each of the 12 clubs that were involved in the breakaway league’s plans equally.

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