Watford Promotion Can Be Clinched On Saturday to Bounce Back to the Premier League

Watford Promotion
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Watford’s second 1-0 victory over already-promoted Norwich City this season has set up the Hornets perfectly to go straight back up to the Premier League. A Brentford draw to Cardiff City, coupled with a Swansea City defeat against Queens Park Rangers, makes automatic promotion a small step away. But for now, nothing is confirmed. Watford are not yet in the Premier League. It would take a catastrophic collapse for the Hornets to miss out on top-flight football next season. Still, security will be wanted by the Hornets’ faithful. The guarantee of promotion can be clinched on Saturday in a variety of ways.

Watford Promotion: Chance To Restore Premier League Status Saturday

Scenario #1: Watford Win

The most straightforward way for Watford to be promoted is to win their clash on Saturday. As is true regardless of the result on Saturday, a maximum of three points from the final nine available are all that is needed to mathematically clinch promotion. But, waiting for the final two match-weeks will, for Hornets’ supporters, hopefully not be necessary.

Watford’s upcoming clash against Millwall will not necessarily be a walk in the park. Even though the Lions sit comfortably in the top half of the table but are out of playoff contention, clashes against them are never easy. After all, they recently travelled to Brentford and grabbed a point.

Still, the Hornets are favourites to win the match. Between their excellent home form, their newfound momentum, as well as players returning from injuries and suspensions, Watford will have a full arsenal of loaded weapons at their disposal. With everything to play for, confidence and quality should be in abundance.

But, a win is still far from a certainty. Millwall will prove to be tough opposition. Nonetheless, for the Hornets, there is still a way to clinch promotion on Saturday without acquiring all three points.

Scenario #2: Brentford Draw with Bournemouth and Watford Draw (or Win)

Bournemouth’s maximum number of points possible for this season is 86 (at the time of writing). Brentford’s is 87. Watford currently sit on 85 (which is equal to Swansea City’s maximum points possible). If the Cherries and the Bees draw, then their maximum points possible go down to 84 and 85 respectively. And thus, all Watford would need is a draw. As Bournemouth and Brentford have the early match Saturday, the Hornets will know if a draw is sufficient for promotion ahead of kickoff.


Even if Watford are not promoted mathematically on Saturday, there are still so many other factors that would have to go against the Hornets between now and the end of the season for them to not go back to the Premier League automatically.

Still, wrapping up the return sooner rather than later is always the preference. Again, the scenarios above apply only for obtaining promotion on Saturday; there are still many other times and combinations that can occur between now and May 8th which would also clinch automatic promotion.

But on Saturday, the return can be confirmed. A Hornets’ victory is all that is needed; other combinations are possible too.

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