Premier League: Social Media Boycott Likely to Take Place in May

Premier League social media

The Premier League social media boycott could be stepped up, with plans to stage a 24-hour blackout being put into works, according to The Athletic.

Reports by the Mail on Sunday suggest that the boycott will take place across the weekend of May 1.

Premier League Social Media Boycott Set to Go Ahead

Why Are Clubs Going to Boycott Social Media?

The planned boycott is taking place in response to the racist abuse that numerous players have received online across the entirety of this season.

Players and clubs have been calling on social media platforms to do more to help combat the issue. However, little has been achieved so far, with issues being highlighted every weekend.

As a result, top-flight clubs are set to go ahead with the 24-hour boycott. The plans will see all 20 Premier League clubs abstain from posting on their social media accounts.

However, it is believed that they will post messages asking for companies such as Twitter and Instagram to do more to combat racist abuse.

Swansea City, Birmingham City and Scottish club Rangers have already conducted week-long blackouts on their relevant profiles.

However, it is hoped that a wider ban from Premier League clubs will help raise more awareness of the issue, as well as calling on companies to take more action.

What Games Would This Affect?

The blackout will not affect the games themselves, but there will be no coverage on the club’s social media accounts.

The boycott is set to take place across the weekend of May 1, should it be given the seal of approval. As a result, this would mean that Manchester United v Liverpool and Crystal Palace v Manchester City would not receive the normal social media coverage by club accounts.

As well as the club’s own accounts, the main Premier League account on social media would also join the boycott.

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