Football Podcasts That Fans Of Any Club Should Listen To

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The world of podcasting has expanded hugely in recent years, meaning that there are more podcasts to listen to than ever before. Whilst that means there are plenty of podcasts to choose from, these are some of the best football podcasts that fans of any club should listen to.

Football Podcasts That All Fans Should Listen To

Plenty of Popular Football Podcasts That Any Fans of Any Team Can Enjoy

Podcasts have become incredibly popular in recent years.

Almost every major sports news brand has created dedicated podcasts for individual sports or, at the very least, turn their broadcasted shows into digestible content to be listened to.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of Premier League football, an EFL fan or a more generalised football supporter, there are plenty of options on offer to listen to.

These are five football podcasts that fans of any club should listen to.

That Peter Crouch Podcast

Peter Crouch has to be one of the most down to earth footballers to have graced the game. His podcast, with Radio One host Chris Stark and journalist Tom Fordyce, is into its fifth series now and continues to provide a hilarious look into the former Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool striker’s career.

With episodes exploring life as an academy player, what it is like to play in intense rivalries, and even what makes a good captain – there is plenty on offer as the terrific trio give listeners a weekly comical and honest look into life as a footballer.

Ornstein and Chapman Podcast

A name almost synonymous with Arsenal is David Ornstein, but his knowledge of many other clubs can be defined as encyclopedic. The Athletic are known for their stellar long-form articles on football in the UK and the double act of Ornstein and Mark Chapman provide a regular insight into the Premier League.

The Athletic’s “flagship” show is available for free – but with adverts – on your usual podcast platform or subscribers to The Athletic can enjoy an ad-free service on the app or website.

Price of Football

The Price of Football should be your go-to podcast for all things football finances. Hosted by the University of Liverpool’s football finance lecturer Kieran Maguire and comedian Kevin Day, the clever duo provide an excellent look behind the scenes at football from an economic perspective.

The numbers behind football have become so important that it is vital football supporters can understand how healthy their club’s accounts are looking and more – the Price of Football provide exactly that.

Football Cliches

Regardless of what club you support, the ‘Football Cliches’ podcast will provide an entertaining and insightful look into football. Hosted by The Athletic’s Adam Hurrey, each weekly episode explores the words, language, mannerisms and cliches of football.

Looking into a range of topics from the world of mascots to retired football chants, the unwritten laws of football to Soccer Saturday, Football Cliches is an excellent podcast for all football fans to enjoy.

Not The Top 20

The majority of sports media tend to cover the Premier League, meaning that sometimes the English Football League can go under the radar. Whilst that balance is changing, there is still a substantial difference in coverage.

Providing two episodes a week, the Not The Top 20 podcast tries to cover the 72 clubs of the EFL with the same level of analysis, research and knowledge. The hosts, George Elek and Ali Maxwell, can often be found working on Sky Sports’ EFL coverage as pundits.

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