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Loyalty Will Prolong Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur Career

Harry Kane

Hardly a season seems to pass by now without talk of a definite parting of the ways between the two, but there is a good chance that goalscoring records and loyalty will keep the Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur show going beyond the 2020/21 season.

Factors That Will Keep Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur Show Going

Harry Kane Chasing Records at Tottenham

Trophies and the fact that he has won none are often criticisms aimed at Kane and the main reason why many believe he’d be better off elsewhere. Yet, he still has plenty of records to break at Spurs. And, yes, he could still break certain records by leaving Spurs if he remained in the Premier League, but he also has unfinished business in north London.

Another 100 goals in the league would see Kane overtake Alan Shearer’s tally of 260. Another 51 goals in all competitions would see him break the record that he really wants to take and that is the goalscoring record of the Spurs legend Jimmy Greaves. Kane could leave Tottenham and look for trophies elsewhere but he would also relinquish the chance to overtake Greaves and the question has to be whether he is willing to sacrifice that opportunity.

Family Ties

Kane has two young children with his childhood sweetheart Katie and they have been settled in London for a number of years. A move away could put pressure on what is seemingly a very strong family unit. A move within the Premier League may be favourable for the family but a move abroad could potentially needlessly unsettle the family. From a family point of view, it would make sense to stay within the comforts of London.

Age and Injuries

The issue of age in football has always been one of interest and football still remains an elite sport where the length of a playing career is relatively short, although players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic are still playing at top clubs and international level at the age of 40. Kane has picked up injuries in recent seasons, however, particularly since 2017, and perhaps has a more limited prime than the aforementioned AC Milan man.

Currently, in his 28th year, Kane has mainly suffered ankle injuries, but the worst was a thigh muscle rupture in the 2019/20 season that kept him out of action for 14 games. What is important to note about Kane, however, is that he has the ability to bounce back from injuries much quicker than diagnoses predict. Whilst his vulnerability to injuries seems to be increasing, his resilience to bounce back is incredible and is something that would only enhance the interest from elsewhere.

The Daniel Levy Factor

Daniel Levy is not exactly known for being an easy person to deal with when it comes to transfers, whether that be in or out of the club. When Gareth Bale wanted to leave the club and Real Madrid came knocking, Levy was never going to be letting the player leave for anything less than an exorbitant amount of money. Levy has never really sold to rival clubs, either. Take Christian Eriksen, for example, he only departed when Inter Milan came knocking.

With Kane it is unlikely, maybe even impossible, to think that Levy would entertain offers for any amount of money, especially to rival clubs. Figures can be thrown about such as £150 million but the value to Spurs of Kane both on and off the pitch is much bigger than anything another club can offer for his services.

The only thing on Levy’s mind right now will be organising a new long term contract for Kane at the end of the current season.


Could it be that loyalty is the thing that keeps Harry Kane at Tottenham Hotspur? 16 years so far have brought him Spurs legend status and that will never change whether he stays or goes. Even if he wins trophies at another club, he is not guaranteed the status he has at Spurs. The Carabao Cup might not be the trophy at the top of Kane’s bucket list of honours, but a victory in the final against Manchester City might just be another persuasive factor in whether he sticks or twists.

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