RB Leipzig: The Only Team Capable of Ending Bayern Munich’s Dominance

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The Bayern Munich dominance is becoming more and more tiresome as the years go by. In fact, it’s been eight seasons since they were dethroned by Jurgen Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund. Eight seasons later, their reign looks more likely to end than ever, with RB Leipzig emerging: the team many in Germany would not choose to end the dominance. 

In fact, ask many Bundesliga fans and, unless they support Leipzig, they’ll be their least favourite side. They go against the nature of German football. They only arrived on the scene in 2009 thanks to funding from Red Bull. And that is why many oppose their emergence in the Bundesliga.

German football prides itself in the avoidance of following the money-filled model of the Premier League. The Bundesliga, Bayern aside, is a throwback to what English football once was when money didn’t empower the takeover of the riches. 

It’s an issue the Bundesliga has avoided when in actual fact, it may take a team like Leipzig to end the Bayern dominance. It took a deep-pocketed Chelsea to conclude the Manchester United dominance. In doing so, it welcomed more money superpowers in the league and, in turn, for some time, made the division more competitive. 

Those in Germany may not like the model of Leipzig, but they may be the only hope of ending the repetitive Bayern reign. 

RB Leipzig: The Only Team Capable of Ending the Bayern Reign

Adapting Without Timo Werner

When Timo Werner swapped the Bundesliga for a chance at the Premier League with Chelsea in the summer, many expected Leipzig to drop off. No direct replacement seemed to come in, and, naturally, the expectancy of failure looked inevitable. 

Yet, instead of the predicted failure, Julian Nagelsmann and his side adapted into a side more dependent on keeping the goals out without a natural threat going forward. And that’s what top managers do. 

It is a sign of a world-class manager that, even when they lose their best player, they can evolve to remain at the top. The goals have naturally lessened, but, defensively, no side has been better this season. They conceded 37 and scored 81 last season- ending on 66 points in third. 

With ten games to go this campaign, they’ve conceded 20, scored 46 and sit second just two points adrift of Bayern at the top. In losing what many assumed to be their greatest strength, Leipzig transitioned into a side no longer needing the power of Werner’s goals. 

Instead, Nagelsmann assessed his squad and came to the conclusion that, without Werner, his best players lied in the defence, and he built from that to create a team ready to dethrone Bayern. 

With Dayot Upamecano off to Bayern in the summer, too, it is now or never for Nagelsmann and Leipzig. If new kings are not crowned this season, then the Bayern train of dominance will continue to plough through season after season.

Leipzig: A Better Team Without the Reliance on Werner and Ready to Dethrone Bayern

Without Timo Werner, they had to find goals from somewhere. Many questioned just where the new source of strikes would come from. But, instead of handing the burden to one man, Leipzig have shared it around significantly better. 

Angelino is the top goalscorer with seven goals. On paper, that looks worrying. In reality, when joined by the strikes of Nkunku, Poulsen, Forsberg, Sorloth and Sabitzer, you begin to realise that this season’s Leipzig are a better team as a whole. 

They are using solid defensive foundations to build the only side capable of finally taking the title from Bayern’s grasp. 

Not many, if any, would have picked the money-made Leipzig to end the Bayern reign. But, the fact is, they are the Bundesliga’s only hope. 

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