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Why a European Super League Could Work Out Despite Public Outrage

European Super League

The idea of a European Super League has been suggested for some time, and, generally speaking, it’s an idea that most football fans hate.

A European Super League Could Work Out Despite Public Outrage

Competitive Sense

In fairness, you can see why. Those behind the idea are doing it for one reason: money. They don’t care about the thoughts of the fans, and they don’t care about the historical connection a club has to its local community.

Instead, they want to make as much profit as possible. So, taking Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid or Barcelona across the globe, where they have millions of supporters, will increase revenue, even if it has been met with fierce criticism.

Yet, in terms of competition, it’s a move that would make sense. In boxing, a fighter doesn’t stay at a national level – they strive to take on the best and target world domination. Likewise golf and tennis. It’s about taking on the best and finding elite opposition that can give you real competition.

That’s even stretched to gaming too. Through MMR Dota 2, players are brought together to compete based on their ability. Instead of playing games against an opponent who is clearly too good for you, you would come up against someone of a similar standard. This is to ensure parity and provide games that are enjoyable while also challenging.

Essentially, that is what the European Super League would do. Football has become about entertainment, yet we are in a time where Manchester City are breaking English records for the number of games they are winning consecutively. It’s getting boring.

Pep Guardiola’s side would be tested more by playing Bayern Munich and PSG instead of Sheffield United and West Bromwich Albion. Similarly, watching Kylian Mbappe come up against the very best on a regular basis instead of playing against clubs on a tiny budget every week would be preferable from a sporting perspective.

Level Playing Field?

The bigger issue is that you can’t see how it’s going to change. Given the vast financial advantages these elite clubs have over their rivals, they can just go and splash serious cash to solve any minor problems. Or at least they certainly can in England.

For the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, this is their chance to get the funds of their English counterparts. However, even in their respective positions now, with both enduring very poor seasons by their high standards, they are still in with a shout of winning La Liga, which says a lot. Therefore, it’s understandable that some want to bring the best together. Let them compete against each other regularly, where the playing field is similar.

Of course, some will say that’s the idea of the Champions League, and it is. But, even that has issues in terms of finding the best, as two-legged games in cup competitions can throw up some shocks.

That was evident in 2005 when a very underwhelming Liverpool side were crowned as the best in Europe having finished fifth in England. Playing in a league format would be a better way to truly determine who the best is.

Ultimately, a European Super League wouldn’t solve the problems of football right now, but the idea of bringing the best together is one that is right. Either way, certain things need to change, because there are so many ridiculous match-ups in the European major leagues right now, where teams just can’t compete due to the finances.


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