Gabby Agbonlahor Reveals That He Was Previously Racially Abused at Millwall

Gabby Agbonlahor Racially Abused

Former Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor has revealed he would be cancelling his contract if he was a Millwall player and that he was racially abused as a player at the Den. This comes after fans of the club booed players taking the knee during Saturday’s game against Derby County.

Agbonlahor: ‘I’d Be Cancelling My Contract’

Agbonlahor Racially Abused

Fans were welcomed back into grounds across the country but a section of Millwall fans did not agree with the Black Lives Matter stance and showed their disapproval.

After widespread condemnation of the incident, Agbonlahor revealed he had once been racially abused at the ground in question by fans – young and old – and that he was not surprised by the incident.

He said: “if there was one stadium where I would say this would have happened with fans going back in, it is exactly this stadium.

“Because when I played there, I was on the bench for an FA Cup game, and I was racially abused by 12-year-olds to 70-year-olds whilst I’m warming up.

“At the time I’m just looking at them like “why?”. I was just laughing at them. You know that swearing at a player is normal – you get that at every away ground you go to. But to bring race into it shows what sort of fans some of their fans are.

“I feel like seeing that, if I was at that club I would be asking my agent to speak to the club tonight as I want to leave tomorrow. I’d be cancelling my contract.

“I’d say to my agent, that’s me done. I’m not playing for the next month and January 1 sort it out with the club as I’m gone.

“Simple as that. Because that for me was shocking. If these fans that are booing don’t believe in why we are taking the knee, then just don’t say a thing.”

The gesture of taking a knee before has been carried out across the country before games in support of eradicating racial discrimination in society.

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