Aston Villa Captain Jack Grealish Pleads Guilty to Two Counts of Careless Driving

Grealish Careless Driving

Aston Villa and England midfielder Jack Grealish has pleaded guilty to two counts of careless driving from earlier this year.

Grealish Pleads Guilty to Careless Driving

Charges Relate to Two Separate Incidents in March and October

The first charge brought forward involved an accident involving Grealish’s Range Rover in Dickens Heath, near Solihull. The incident occurred on March 29.

The second incident near Villa’s training ground on October 18 was revealed after court documents were released before the hearing at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

Grealish was accused of driving without due care and attention on Bodymoor Heath Road – the site of his club’s training complex in North Warwickshire – as well as on the M42 and the A446 on the same day.

The court heard Grealish was seen tailgating other vehicles on the M42. He was also observed by police to be driving his Range Rover at 98 mph.

The Villa captain did not attend the hearing in person and put his pleas forward through his lawyer.

The court also heard that Grealish was ‘slurring his words’ and smelled of ‘intoxicating liquor’ after the crash on March 29.

Prosecutor Tinofara Nyatanga delivered an account given by a security guard who witnessed the accident.

The guard – who saw Grealish’s car collide with two automobiles – said that upon talking to Grealish, he “could smell, in his opinion, intoxicating liquor on his breath.”

“His speech was slurred and he was unsteady on his feet.”

The accident happened just six days after national lockdown had been imposed. It occurred just 24 hours after Grealish had released a video appeal for the public to stay at home and save lives.

Grealish, who already has six points on his licence for a 2018 speeding offence, could not attend court for sentencing.

District Judge John Bristow said Grealish was at risk of a driving ban, due to his existing penalty points.

The court has been adjourned until 15 December.

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