Harry Maguire Released on Bail After Assault and Attempting to Bribe Police Accusations

Harry Maguire

Manchester United and England defender Harry Maguire has been released on bail after a court appearance in Greece this morning. Prosecutors are pursuing charges that claim Maguire attacked and attempted to bribe police officers following a confrontation on the island of Mykonos.

The 27-year-old was taken to the neighbouring island of Syros where prosecutors said that he and two other men, a friend and a family member, stand formally accused of “multiple instances of attempted bribery” and “multiple instances of physical harm and multiple instances of revilement (shouting expletives against officers.”

Harry Maguire Released on Bail

Trial Scheduled

Simon Stone, a reporter for BBC Sport, says that Maguire has been allowed to fly home following his appearance in court this morning. All three men have been released after two nights in police cells on Mykonos, while a trial has been scheduled for August 25.

Maguire refused to answer any questions when approached by journalists as he was leaving the court hearing on Syros. The Englishman’s lawyer, Constantinos Darivas, told Greek website gazetta.gr that Maguire was in “fine condition” despite his two nights in the cell.

Prosecutors have described the allegations against Maguire as “misdemeanours”, which rules out any fears that he could be charged with aggravated assault, as previously reported.

Other United Players Not Involved

The Telegraph report that Maguire was with Manchester United teammates Marcus Rashford and Brandon Williams during the day of the incident. However, the other two players were not involved at all and were not with Maguire in the evening.

It is understood that the scuffle was escalated when strangers started shouting at Maguire and the other two men. One source told The Telegraph: “The policemen that intervened were secret police, in plain clothes, so it is possible that Maguire and his friends did not understand that they were police officers.”


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