REPORT: Jose Mourinho to Give Tanguy Ndombele Another Chance at Tottenham Hotspur

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Jose Mourinho could be prepared to give Tanguy Ndombele another chance to prove himself at Tottenham Hotspur, according to a report from the Daily Star. The midfielder has struggled to make an impact in the Premier League following his £54 million transfer from Lyon in the summer.

Jose Mourinho to Give Tanguy Ndombele Another Chance at Tottenham Hotspur

Lifeline for the Frenchman

Since arriving in North London, Ndombele has divided opinion. While he has the benefit of the doubt from some, Spurs’ multi-million-pound man hasn’t managed to convince all of his critics.

Ndombele has come under public scrutiny by his manager on two occasions already this season, with Mourinho claiming he “expected more from him” following Spurs’ draw at Burnley. The Frenchman has struggled with fitness issues groin injuries throughout the season, limiting him to just 27 games.

However, Ndombele’s manager could give the player another chance. The Daily Star reports that Mourinho will give the 23-year-old a pre-season under his surveillance, in the hope that the present creases iron out.

Additionally, the Premier League suspension will give both Ndombele and Mourinho time to reflect and plan for the upcoming schedule. It has been suggested that the club has implemented regimes for the players to complete at home, as the government isolation process continues.

Potential to Fulfil

Fans, the media and Mourinho himself have all documented Ndombele’s struggle so far in his career in North London. But, there have been glimpses of just how good he can be. Although he has only found the net twice and provided several assists, there have been instances where his on-the-ball play has been mesmerising.

Ndombele’s can keep the ball in close proximity, whilst using his passing range to break lines. This means that he can be press-resistant in midfield. While the statistics don’t necessarily reflect this, Ndombele has the potential to become Spurs’ lynchpin; Mourinho can build the team around him.

Spurs will have to bide their time as to whether he can fulfil his potential. On many occasions, clubs bite the bullet and offload players deemed not good enough, who then become superstars. Tottenham Hotspur will not want the same to happen to Ndombele. With Mourinho providing him with a second chance, a turnaround is not out of the question.

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