Moussa Sissoko Signs New Tottenham Hotspur Contract

Moussa Sissoko Signs

Moussa Sissoko has signed a new contract with Tottenham Hotspur until 2023. The French midfielder has undertaken a dramatic transformation in his confidence and thus squad role.

Moussa Sissoko Signs New Contract

Simple and Strong

At a technical level, Sissoko is one of the more basic players. His footwork is sometimes a little clumsy, and his shooting is much to be desired. However, he has a good enough set of skills in tackling, shielding and bringing the ball forward to excel.

Furthermore, his physicality enables him to dominate other midfield players. His size, strength and pace are all key assets to his game. There are very few players that are capable of knocking him off the ball. This is so important for games against more physically strong sides.

Mental Strength

But, his mental strength should not be underrated. This is a player that arrived at Spurs for a record fee, with certain outlets quick to deem him a flop. Indeed, he was low on confidence and groans would greet his arrival onto the pitch.

However, since Pochettino took the player under his wing, he has gone from strength to strength. There is a joy in watching him brush players off or charging down the line with the ball. This is all enabled by his restored sense of self-belief and confidence.

A Team of Sissoko’s

Sissoko is such a hardworking player that it would be possible to create a team full of Sissoko clones. However, it would be far from ideal. Defensively it would be a strong team, with great physicality. The style of play would be simple, but perhaps not that creative. And, herein lies a point to make about Sissoko’s effectiveness. When Pochettino deploys Sissoko alongside Harry Winks, supplemented with Eriksen, this becomes quite a dynamic midfield. However, when there is a dual partnership of Victor Wanyama and Moussa Sissoko, the midfield becomes blunted.

A good team has to bring together many qualities. Sissoko signs a new contract and thus remains a key player in the squad. But, Pochettino must ensure that his midfield remains balanced. The team struggles against packed defences, even Colchester United’s League Two defence frustrated them. The solution to this is ensuring that there are enough creative players on the pitch. The new contract for Sissoko is good news, but the manager must pair him up with a more creative midfielder. Perhaps this will come in the form of Giovani Lo Celso when he returns from injury.

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