Chelsea Must Not Concern Themselves With Eden Hazard and His Mind Games

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard’s future at Chelsea is a topic that comes up for discussion far too often. Is he going to remain and sign a new deal? Or is he going to try and force a move to Real Madrid in the summer?

These are just some of the questions that come up when talking about the Belgium superstar.

He has not helped himself with recent comments – but it is to be expected.

Eden Hazard Playing Games About His Future is Just Normal For Him

Hazard Admits He Has Made a Decision

He revealed to French Radio station RMC that he had he has ‘made a decision’, but failed to share what it would be.

“I know what I am going to do. I have made a decision,” he said.

Don’t forget, this is coming from a player who left a cryptic tweet about who he would be joining when he was still at Lille.

Via the We Aint Got No History blog, he tweeted back in May 2012: “Good afternoon guys. I made up my mind. See you later. Thanks”.

Eden Hazard does not like to take life too seriously. When he conducts interviews, he always likes to have fun.

He says what he thinks and is happy to say what is on his mind – it is who he is.

Hazard Just Needs to Continue to Perform

Chelsea will not be able to change who he is and the Belgian is unlikely to share his decision until the summer.

So, the best thing for The Blues is to see him continue to perform to the best he can.

With the addition of Gonzalo Higuain, he also might be able to enjoy his football even more.

The pair linked up well against Huddersfield Town last weekend, with both hitting a brace.

Hazard Future Should Not Concern Chelsea Yet

The club still have a chance of silverware, as they remain in the League Cup, the FA Cup and Europa League – whilst Champions League football next season is still a possibility.

With still so much to play for this season, Chelsea should not concern themselves with what the 28-year-old has told French media.

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