The Final Fall Of David Luiz’s Chelsea Career?

David Luiz's Chelsea career

Gary Neville once described David Luiz as looking like he’s being controlled by a 10-year-old playing FIFA. Humorous as this might be, it carries a degree of truth about it. Luiz was again at fault, at least partly, for two of the goals against Spurs. Turning his back on Kane’s shot and carelessly surrendering himself to Heung Min Son’s solo effort. After this latest show of incompetency are we witnessing the final fall of David Luiz‘s Chelsea Career?

David Luiz’s Chelsea Career in Jeopardy?

It’s like Watching a 10 Year Old Playing FIFA

Luiz is no stranger to criticism. Nor does he lack plaudits. No matter which camp you fall into, Luiz is clearly talented. Someone who could and should have done a lot more with his career.

Failing to ever properly mature as a defender Luiz always has moments of madness. His cool head and calm attitude often make him a joy to watch. Other times he drives fans insane.

Wasted Talent?

With funny on and off-field antics Luiz switches off and doesn’t have the temperament to be one of the best. It is this mentality and concentration which has seen Georgio Chiellini continue to dominate Italian football from the back well into his 30’s, alongside veteran Andrea Barzagli.

Luiz continues to baffle fans and players alike. Statistically at fault for seven of eleven of Chelsea’s conceded goals this season he is a liability. But he always has been. Hence why there have been calls over the years to have him play as a defensive midfielder.

A quarterback on the football pitch. His expert and precise long passing, innovation in style and his will and love for the club show he is a good player. But he could have been so much more.

It is very hard to rely on Luiz in big games. Everyone remembers Luis Suarez making a mockery out of him in the Champions League. Slotting the ball calmly between his legs.

Leaving him on the floor. Time after time. Luiz has let down PSG in big games. He has let down Chelsea all the same.

Playing against smaller teams he can sometimes be the key to unlock games. If Chelsea can’t predict his actions how can an opposition? Will he wander off into no man’s land or score a wonderful dipping free kick? Make a stupid tackle or produce a Pirlo-esque ball to set up a goal?

Luiz cannot be trusted to see out matches and doesn’t provide the foundation for a long or assured back line.

Time for Christensen?

It’s not the Brazilian’s first bad match, it won’t be his last. But after almost costing them three points at St James Park earlier on in the season, it would be appropriate for Chelsea and Sarri to shake things up.

They have a good back up for most areas of the pitch and the fact that arguably Chelsea’s best centre-back last season, Andreas Christenen, has played zero minutes in the league this season, shows how content Sarri has been with Luiz and his other senior players.

Christensen now has a season of experience, all be it in a back four, but the defender shouldn’t be overlooked. He has performed well in the Europa league and has all the characteristics to be successfully implemented into this new team.

The concept of having Christensen and Antonio Rudiger as Chelsea’s starting centre backs is exciting. Both players possess a lot of ability and look suited to Sarri and the Premier League.

With both the Dane and Rudiger in similar positions in terms of Premier League experience maybe that kept Sarri from deploying them together. However, Rudiger has surpassed Luiz in terms of current ability and is rightfully being considered alongside the best defenders in the league.

Rudiger needs to continue to improve and is now at the level he can mentor and form a formidable partnership with Christensen.

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