Arsenal Will Give Unai Emery Time

At 46-years-old, Unai Emery seems like the young, hungry, tactical manager that Arsenal fans have been crying out for. ‘Football obsessed’ and ‘meticulous’ are the best ways to describe Arsenal’s new Spanish coach. His attention to detail, tactics and studying of the opposition are second to none.

But will that be enough to appease the hungry Arsenal fans aching to see their team progress and win? It will come down to a ratio of how much he achieves in progress and trophies with respect to how much time he gets in his four-year contract.

Time Will be Given to Unai Emery

Arsene Wenger-esque?

Arsenal fans have faced some deja-vu as there’s a resemblance to how a younger Arsene Wenger arrived at the club. Unai Emery arrived at Arsenal at an almost identical age, not by virtue of his playing reputation but a career in coaching that is undoubtedly shaped out of pure love of football.

Both managers coming to Arsenal to make a name for themselves at one of the more historic teams. They aimed to rival the best coaches in the world past and present, Sir Alex and Guardiola.

His pressing style of football suits the Arsenal way that’s been engraved into Arsenal through Arsene during his 22 years. Playing out from the back, signing real defensive midfielders in Matteo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira, and freshness and change in the coaching style are surely things Arsenal fans would welcome warmly.

What Unai Emery Has Achieved Until Now

He started his managerial career with Lorca Deportiva and worked his way up to Paris Saint-Germain before joining the Arsenal.

Emery boasts an impressive overall win percentage with 53.5% compared to Wenger’s 54% and Sir Alex Ferguson’s 58.1%.

Emery reached the 2015/16 Copa Del Rey final and won three consecutive UEFA Europa League finals with Sevilla. He also won the European coach of the season 2013/14. Unai Emery won the Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue in his first season with PSG. He went on to win a domestic treble the following season.

Different Results, Different Scenarios: What Could Happen to Unai Emery?

Arsenal fans gave and waited on Arsene Wenger for eight years to rebuild the team with the financial constrictions. They were patient another four years after the Emirates Stadium’s debt had been paid. There’s no doubt they would be willing to give Unai Emery a fair shot at the job. What’s a fair shot in their point of view is the question?

If He Finishes Inside the Top Four

The Premier League has become a top six instead of a top four with the rise of Spurs and Manchester City. The action of finishing in the top four has become a notable achievement. If Unai Emery’s Arsenal finishes in the top four while showing progression of play and exciting football, similar to Jurgen Klopp last season, Arsenal fans will surely be patient and want to give the man another two-three years if this goes on.

However, another scenario could be Arsenal finishing in the top four with poor play and lack of progression. Scraping out 1-0 or 2-1 results could be seen as a winning mentality, but it’s meant to be a result a team of champions grinds out during its worst times, not the norm. This could make Arsenal fans lose patience fast and want to give him an extra year only.

If He Finishes Outside the Top Four

Arsenal fans surely have become used to the Champions League nights and must want to return there as they view it as where the club belongs. Unai Emery failing to secure top four and being beaten by Spurs ranking-wise could possibly spark even more anger among the fans. The fans will start to turn on Emery and could see a split in their ranks again like the Wenger in/out period. The board, however, will surely let him see out another year of his contract.

If he wins the Europa League, however, it could be a get out of jail card seeing as he’s very experienced in the competition and will be looking to win it regardless.

It’s all about progress

In conclusion, the progression of the team will be pivotal to winning the board and the fans over. Getting the best out of players like Bellerin will be a key factor having not played to their best abilities.

Unai Emery losing his two opening games in the league, on the other hand, doesn’t help his case at all.

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