NBA 2023–24 Early Power Rankings, Part 2: The Below Average


In today’s NBA, it is important to remember that teams seldom actually fall between a straightforward “good” or “bad”. The vast majority of franchises find themselves stuck in the middle, where odds of a championship are just as unexciting as ones for a high draft pick. Basically, the teams in this tier are as average […] READ MORE

NBA Rumors: What’s Next for Hornets After Re-Signing P.J. Washington


Nearly two months into NBA free agency, the Charlotte Hornets and restricted forward P.J. Washington’s stalemate has finally ended. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Washington agreed to a three-year, $48 million deal to stay with the Hornets on Saturday. Restricted free agent F PJ Washington has agreed on a new three-year, $48 million contract to […] READ MORE

NBA Rumors: Charlotte Hornets Offseason Overhaul Underway


The Charlotte Hornets offseason can’t come soon enough. The team is among those most looking forward to next season after a horrendous 2022-23 campaign. The Hornets’ season got off to a rocky start before the year started, as star forward Miles Bridges missed last season after being arrested for domestic violence. Then LaMelo Ball missed […] READ MORE

Who’s the Next Available Star?


It seems as if every year a new big star hits the trade market. This star tends to be in a smaller market and is unhappy with the team’s success. Either that or the team itself hopes to do a complete reset and wants to get rid of their star. With a new season approaching […] READ MORE

Jerami Grant Trade Grade

Jerami Grant has been a player that has been on the trade block ever since he signed with Detroit. He’s shown that he can play as a quality role player in Denver and Oklahoma City as well as a number one option in Detroit. Detroit finally looked to move on from him in the final […] READ MORE

Realistic Bradley Beal Trade Destinations

Bradley Beal is a player that has been in trade rumors for years. Washington has seen a lack of success, making the playoffs twice in the last five years. In the past, Beal has shut down trade rumors almost immediately. As of late, the rumors are sparking once again with Beal’s uncertainty towards the end […] READ MORE

Top Five NBA Free Agents this Off-season


The NBA will have its fill of free agents this offseason. Among the candidates for free agency, the top five NBA free agents this off-season drew attention. Though more free agents are on the list, the top five sows more intrigue among others. Top Five NBA Free Agents this Offseason Talent and improvement can attract […] READ MORE

Charlotte Hornets: Steps to Improvement


The Charlotte Hornets were ousted by the Atlanta Hawks in the ninth vs tenth seeded matchup in the Eastern Conference Play-In Tournament. Although Charlotte made it to the play-in, they were never considered true contenders. This team is young, plays with fire, and has a stellar offense. LaMelo Ball looks like a star in the making as […] READ MORE

NBA Dunk Contest Participants We Want to See


The 2022 All-Star Weekend concluded with a fantastic All-Star game. Before that, however, many may argue that the other events were low on excitement. This is particularly true for the NBA Dunk Contest, won by Obi Toppin. It was largely underwhelming, and the NBA must look into ways to bring in more excitement to one of […] READ MORE