NBA Finals – Game 2 Recap


A historic third quarter from Giannis Antetokounmpo was not enough to push the Milwaukee Bucks past the Phoenix Suns in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Chris Paul and Devin Booker led the way for Phoenix, following strong performances in Game 1. NBA Finals – Game 2 Recap First Half The Bucks jumped out to […] READ MORE

NBA Finals Game 1 Recap

The Phoenix Suns looked to jump into a quick series lead after a few days worth of rest against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Suns did just that with monster debuts from Chris Paul and Devin Booker, beating the Bucks with a final score of 118-105 in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Giannis Antetokounmpo was […] READ MORE

Khris Middleton Proving that Milwaukee Bucks are not a One-man Show


Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton has had an up and down postseason thus far. On the flip side of the coin, he has also provided Milwaukee with multiple noteworthy performances. During the Bucks’ second-round playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets, Middleton scored a total of 30 points in Games 1 and 2. And he was […] READ MORE

The NBA Ratings Argument is Dumb; The 2021 Playoffs are Great


Small-market teams having success is not bad for the NBA. Having a fresh set of stars on the main stage is good for the NBA. Arguing that the lack of familiar teams and faces makes the 2021 NBA Playoffs “boring” is a bad take. Using NBA television ratings as a metric of entertainment value in […] READ MORE

Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks Series Recap


The second round matchup between the Nets and Bucks definitely lived up to the hype. Brooklyn looked as if they would run away with the series after the first two games. Then the injury bug struck the Nets, but they believed they would be able to weather the storm. Milwaukee had different plans and gained […] READ MORE

The Best Two Words In Sports: Game Seven


Game Seven, the best two words in sports. On Saturday night in Brooklyn, two Eastern Conference contenders will be thrown into a cauldron-like atmosphere, where palms get a little sweatier, seats get a little hotter, and the weight of expectation may suffocate you. It’s where legends are made, and where the brightest of stars can […] READ MORE

Nets vs Bucks Game 1 Recap and Game 2 Preview


Not even a minute into Game 1, things got very interesting. Brooklyn’s James Harden headed to the locker room with a hamstring injury. Minutes later, Harden was ruled out for the rest of the night. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving stepped up in his absence, leading Brooklyn to a 115-107 victory, and a 1-0 series […] READ MORE