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3 Veteran Minimum Contract Candidates For The Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers could target several players to round out their roster in free agency.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been one of the biggest winners of the 2024 NBA Offseason so far. Notably, they were able to use their $65 million dollars in cap space, to fill out their starting five and fix some weaknesses from last season. With their remaining cap space, they only really have room for vet minimum contracts to fill out the rest of the bench unit. If  Daryl Morey can take advantage of the market and fill out the rest of the bench unit with impact players. Then the Sixers will have one of the deepest rosters heading into the 2024-25 NBA Regular Season. Let’s dive into three remaining free-agent targets for the 76ers.

3 Veteran Minimum Contract Candidates For The Philadelphia 76ers

Gordon Hayward

As a result of the moves that they made earlier in the offseason, the Sixers can only offer remaining free agents a vet minimum contract. One player that could benefit from this is Gordon Hayward. He could fit perfectly as a backup for Paul George, Kelly Oubre Jr., and Caleb Martin. Hayward’s versatility at the two, three, and four positions makes him a perfect player for Philly.

He could take full advantage of the wide-open shots created by playing next to Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, and George. Hayward averaged 9.9  points per game, had a 46.4% field goal percentage, and made 41.1% of his three-pointers last season. In addition, Hayward can create his own shot which is a skill set that Philly needs on their roster. If Morey can convince Hayward to sign with the Sixers, he would be the perfect sixth man or occasional starter for the Sixers. If nothing else like other veterans, he could make himself a ton of money as a free agent by proving his value for Philly or any other contender.

Tyus Jones

With three months left until the regular season starts, the Sixers are still looking for a capable backup point guard. Now there are rumors that Kyle Lowry will be returning to the Sixers. However, Philly could use a younger option. The best remaining young point guard in free agency is Tyus Jones. The Sixers may not be at the top of his list. As a result of not having a starter role available for him. But, if the Sixers front office can sell him on being a capable back-up to Maxey, and on being the missing piece to a title run. Jones may consider the Sixers an option.

If they were able to convince Jones to sign a prove-it deal, the Sixers would have a deep bench at point guard between Maxey, Jones, and Lowry. Also, having Jones could keep Lowry and Maxey fresh for the playoffs. Jones is a playmaker who can create easy scoring opportunities for himself or his teammates. While he may not be the best defender, he makes up for it with the number of shots he creates for his teammates. Additionally, he can become a capable defender under the coaching of Nick Nurse. Like Hayward, if Jones can come to Philly and prove to be a valuable piece he could also make himself a lot of money next summer during free agency.

Gary Trent Jr.

Throughout this offseason, one thing that has been made clear with every move the Sixers have made. Is that they are looking for players who can make three-pointers. A player who is available and meets that need is Gary Trent Jr. Additionally, he is a player Nick Nurse knows very well from their time in Toronto together. Trent Jr. is an ideal backup behind Oubre Jr. Also, he can create his own shot and make opposing teams pay for leaving him wide-open.

Trent Jr. can provide a scoring punch off the bench which Philly desperately needs. Notably, last season he scored 13.7 points per game, made 39.3% of his three-point attempts, and had a 42.6% field goal percentage. Trent is another player who could benefit from a prove-it deal. The Sixers have had a great track record, of providing players with opportunities to make an impact on the court. He could certainly benefit from playing next to Embiid, Maxey, and George and proving his worth as an NBA player.

The Sixers have a plethora of options to fill out the rest of their roster. However, if they are able to grab at least two or all three of these players. They would be a legitimate title contender with a deep second unit. Having a deep team with not many holes in the roster could help them be in the best position to win their first championship since 1983.


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