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How This 76ers Player Has Proven His Value

Kelly Oubre is proving himself to be very valuable for the 76ers.

Late in the summer of 2023, when Kelly Oubre Jr., signed with the Philadelphia 76ers on an NBA minimum contract. It was a depth move for a team that desperately needed offensive help. At this point in the season, Oubre Jr. has gone from a depth piece to one of the most valuable pieces. On one of the deepest and lengthiest teams in the NBA. He has gone from a minimum player to a valuable one this season for the Sixers.

How This 76ers Player Has Proven His Value

Saving the season

Oubre Jr. came to Philly looking to show the rest of the league that he is a valuable piece. During the season he has been a pivotal piece for the Sixers in a season filled with difficulties. Oubre missed 16 games because of broken ribs suffered in an accident. However, he did not let that stop him. Oubre has been an offensive revolution for Philly this season giving them a scoring punch they have not had in a while off the bench. He is averaging 15.5 points per game and has grabbed five rebounds per game. His ability to attack the basket has opened up high-percentage scoring opportunities for his teammates. Additionally, it has kept the Sixers offense afloat at times as well. His ability to take over games has allowed Philly to win games they should not have during this season.

Fit next to Maxey and Embiid

No matter what happens in the postseason. Philly needs to make re-signing Oubre one of their top priorities this offseason. He has earned a multi-year deal, and his game has fits perfectly with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. Furthermore, the 76ers will have among the most cap space in the league this off-season. One of the important things when fitting next to Embiid and Maxey is the ability to make jump shots. Especially, being able to make three-pointers. Oubre is making 31.2% of his three-pointers. If he can continue to make threes consistently and attack the basket. That opens up more room for Maxey and Embiid to operate. Additionally, it gives them an outlet when teams double or triple-team them.

Oubre’s two-way ability has allowed the entire team to be more aggressive defensively. The Sixers have one of the top-four defenses in the league when everyone is healthy. Currently, they are the 11th-ranked defense in the league. When you have Embiid on the roster you will have one of the top defenses in the league. For all the talent Embiid has, he is not a wing defender. The most consistent wing defender the Sixers have is Oubre Jr. He has produced timely steals that have helped Philly win multiple games this season. Throughout the season he has proved that he is a perfect player to fit next to Embiid and Maxey.

Oubre’s Future with Sixers

If they sign Oubre he can also offer them a cheaper option if they lose Tobias Harris to another team. His ability to play either in the two or three spots in the line-up has been valuable as they have called on him to handle the ball, defend the opposing team’s best scorer, and create for his teammates. He has done an admirable job throughout the season being a chameleon for this team. Oubre Jr. has become the third or fourth-best player on this team. If his two-way tear continues into the postseason Philly could make a surprising run and make their first NBA Finals  since 2001.


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