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2024 Draft Prospects Resembling the Boston Celtics’ Championship Core

Devin Carter and Stephon Castle are two players with similarities to the Celtics core.

The Celtics secured a title through the extraordinary efforts of their talented core: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Jrue Holiday, Derrick White, Kristaps Porzingis, and Al Horford.

As the 2024 NBA Draft approaches, the basketball world is buzzing with anticipation about the next generation of players who share qualities and skills with these Celtics stars when they were prospects entering the NBA. Here, we explore six top prospects who exhibit similarities to the Celtics’ championship-winning lineup and investigate why these young talents generate such excitement.

2024 Draft Prospects Resembling the Boston Celtics’ Championship Core

Matas Buzelis (G League Ignite) – The Next Jayson Tatum

Matas Buzelis, a standout for G League Ignite, is frequently noted for his resemblance to Jayson Tatum. Standing 6’10” with a versatile skill set, Buzelis brings a unique blend of size, agility, and scoring ability. Like Tatum when he entered the NBA, Buzelis excels at creating his shot from various spots on the floor.

Buzelis has shown flashes of advanced playmaking for his size, much like Tatum did early in his career. Additionally, with his length and mobility, Buzelis can be a disruptive force on defense. This could see him mirror Tatum’s potential to guard multiple positions effectively.

Stephon Castle (UConn) – The Next Jaylen Brown

Stephon Castle from UConn embodies the physicality and athleticism that were the hallmarks of Jaylen Brown as a prospect. Castle’s frame and explosiveness draw immediate comparisons to Brown. Castle’s game is built on explosive drives to the basket. 

His strength to finish through contact is akin to Brown’s fearless approach. Furthermore, Castle’s tenacious defense allows him to guard multiple positions, much like Brown. Similar to Brown’s scoring repertoire, Castle has also shown an ability to score efficiently from different areas on the court.

Devin Carter (Providence) – The Next Jrue Holiday

Devin Carter from Providence is making waves with defensive intensity reminiscent of Jrue Holiday. Carter’s ability to hound opposing guards and create turnovers is strikingly similar to Holiday’s defensive excellence.

However, Carter is not just a defensive specialist. He also contributes significantly on offense. His ability to drive to the basket and hit key shots is much like Holiday’s balanced offensive game. Both players exhibit high basketball IQ, making smart plays and decisions that contribute to their team’s success on both ends of the court.

Reed Sheppard (Kentucky) – The Next Derrick White

Reed Sheppard from Kentucky brings a high basketball IQ and versatility to the court. These traits also were key to Derrick White when he was emerging as a reliable NBA player. Sheppard’s ability to play multiple positions and adapt to various roles on the team mirrors White’s versatility.

Sheppard is also a strong defender with good instincts, much like White. He is known for his defensive prowess and ability to guard different positions. Furthermore, Sheppard’s balanced game and marksmanship from beyond the arc, are reminiscent of White’s strengths.

Alex Sarr (Perth Wildcats) – The Next Kristaps Porzingis

Alex Sarr, playing for the Perth Wildcats has a unique combination of size, shooting ability, and shot-blocking. It’s these traits that are shared by Porzingis. Sarr’s ability to stretch the floor with his three-point shooting is a crucial part of his game

Sarr’s shot-blocking presence in the paint is significant to his defensive impact, mirroring Porzingis’s early career rim protection. Despite his size, Sarr moves well on the court, enabling him to guard multiple positions and switch on defense. Porzingis’s defensive versatility was evident when he first entered the NBA.

DaRon Holmes II (Dayton) – The Next Al Horford

DaRon Holmes II from Dayton possesses fundamental skills, leadership, and various ways to impact the game. All hallmarks of Horford’s 17-year career to date. Holmes’ fundamentally sound game, including his post moves, perimeter shooting, and passing, reminds some of Horford’s well-rounded skills.

Like Horford’s veteran presence and leadership on the court, Holmes II also displays a maturity and understanding of the game beyond his years. Additionally, Holmes II can guard multiple positions and provide solid interior defense. Horford’s role with the Celtics this year was defined by his versatility as a defender.

2024 Draft Prospects

The 2024 NBA Draft promises to introduce a new wave of talent to the league. Matas Buzelis, Stephon Castle, Devin Carter, Reed Sheppard, Alex Sarr, and DaRon Holmes exhibit qualities similar to the Celtics core. Yet, there is no guarantee that their careers will mirror those of the current Celtics stars.

These comparisons are projections of best-case scenarios for the 2024 players, providing an exciting glimpse into the potential future of the NBA. As these young talents step onto the professional stage, they carry the hopes and expectations of becoming the next generation of stars, ready to make their mark in the league.


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