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2024 NBA Draft: Top Ten Three-Point Shooters

Rob Dillingham and Reed Sheppard are two of the best shooters in this year's draft class.

When NBA draft time comes around, the modern game will always have space for high-level shooters. Scouts may now mark perimeter shooting ability as a focus for nearly every position. Oftentimes, good perimeter shooters make for better floor spacing and complimentary pieces to any team.

That’s exactly what these prospects hope to bring to prospective NBA teams. In terms of the NBA draft, shooting can sometimes be a challenging trait to predict. While percentages are important, volume and difficulty of attempts can be major factors as well.

Let’s take a look at the best shooters in the 2024 NBA draft.

2024 NBA Draft: Top Ten Three-Point Shooters

1) Reed Sheppard: Kentucky

Reed Sheppard was one of the major surprises and risers on NBA draft boards this year.  Sheppard has the highest three-point shooting percentage of anyone on this list, and he accomplished it with great volume. He shot a blistering 52.1 percent on 4.4 attempts per game. These are insane numbers considering Sheppard was also asked to be a primary ball handler and scorer for a loaded Kentucky team. As we’ll see going down this list, perimeter shooting at Kentucky must have been contagious.

Not thought of as a top prospect even on just Kentucky’s roster before the season, scouts are fully aware of Sheppard now. He’s cemented himself as a lottery player in large part due to this elite marksmanship. In an NBA draft class that has surprisingly good depth in terms of shooters, Sheppard tops the list without question.

2) Dalton Knecht: Tennessee

Dalton Knecht took college basketball by storm after transferring to Tennessee this season. He became the SEC Player of the Year, largely due to his elite shooting ability. Knecht shot 39.7 percent from three on a ridiculous 6.5 attempts per game. He also has an argument as likely taking the toughest attempts consistently out of anyone on this list. Knecht’s threes came off the dribble and off of movement as other teams specifically game-planned for him each night.

That didn’t stop him from averaging 21.7 points per game however, and he looks to be a surefire lottery selection.

3) Rob Dillingham: Kentucky

Rob Dillingham making this list just speaks to the elite-level player he is on offense. Dillingham shot 44.4 percent from three on 4.5 attempts per game. What’s impressive about Dillingham is that he projects to consistently create his own shot at the NBA level. He’s a flashy ball handler and playmaker with elite quickness and burst with the ball in his hands. That’s a unique description for someone on this list, as shooting will be the majority of what these prospects are asked to do.

Dillingham is smaller at six-foot-one without shoes, but him being a potential top-five pick speaks to his offensive greatness. He definitely deserves to make the list as one of the best shooters in this NBA draft class.

4) Jared McCain: Duke

Jared McCain is considered a first-round pick largely due to his showing as a legitimate threat from deep in his freshman season. McCain shot 41.4 percent from three on 5.8 attempts per game at Duke. He showed real competitiveness and toughness as well, making him somewhat of a ‘3and-D’ style point guard. He exploded twice this season for eight made three-pointers in a game against Florida State and James Madison respectively.

McCain will hope to give a team in the first round consistent shooting, solid playmaking, and perimeter defense at the NBA level.

5) Antonio Reeves: Kentucky

Our third Kentucky guard on this list, Antonio Reeves is the poster child for development. He started his first two college seasons at Illinois State shooting 31.4 and 30.6 percent from three respectively. In his junior season he would jump to 39.0 percent, and then would transfer to Kentucky shooting 39.8 percent in his senior season. To cap it all off, Reeves finished his fifth season at Kentucky this year shooting 44.7 percent on 5.7 attempts per game. It’s also worth noting that he shot 86.3 percent from the free throw line on 4.0 attempts, proving that his shooting development is legitimate.

Reeves will hope to work his way into an NBA draft selection as he’s much more than just a shooter.

6) Cam Spencer: UConn

As a fifth-year player, Cam Spencer was an immediate impact player for the national championship UConn Huskies team. As an older player with below-average athleticism, Spencer isn’t a top prospect like others on this list. He looks as if he will certainly get a shot from multiple teams however due to his elite shooting and high basketball IQ. Spencer shot 44.0 percent from three this season on 5.6 attempts per game.

Of course, the assistance of the Dan Hurley offense and other great players around him helped to provide quality looks. Spencer knows how to pick his spots though, and fits on any team as he proved throughout his college career.

7) Baylor Scheierman: Creighton

Baylor Scheierman was a consistent leader for a talented Creighton basketball team. He’s a lefty who took 289 three-pointers this season which is good for most on this list. He shot those threes at 38.1 percent and averaged 8.3 attempts per game. These are impressive numbers although he won’t be asked to carry as heavy an offensive burden at the NBA level.

Scheierman isn’t just a three-point shooter either, as he racked up 9.0 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game as well. He plays the game with great finesse and could prove to be a plus playmaker even at the NBA level. Being one of the top shooters in this NBA draft class certainly won’t hurt his chances.

8) Kyshawn George: Miami

Kyshawn George is a Swiss basketball prospect who played his freshman season at Miami. George is a six-foot-eight jumbo guard who’s shown playmaking upside combined with great shooting ability. He shot the ball at 40.8 percent from three on 4.2 attempts per game. Someone with playmaking and shooting ability at six-foot-eight always makes scouts excited.

He isn’t the quickest or most explosive prospect though, and he played somewhat sporadically in his time at Miami. He found his rhythm towards the back half of the season, however, and looks poised to be a first-round pick.

9) Cam Christie: Minnesota

Cam Christie’s name may sound familiar as he’s the younger brother of Lakers’ guard Max Christie. Similar to his brother in 2023, Christie has a smooth jumper and is a top shooter in his NBA draft class. He shot 39.1 percent on 5.4 attempts per game for the Golden Gophers this season.

At six-foot-five and only 18 years old, Christie would be a great upside pick for an NBA team.

10) Johnny Furphy: Kansas

Johnny Furphy is a freshman sharpshooting wing at Kansas, standing at six-foot-nine. He has the lowest percentage and volume on this list, but the reputation and projections are legitimate. He shot 35.8 percent from deep on 3.8 attempts per game. Furphy wouldn’t have chosen to stay in the NBA draft after his freshman season if scouts didn’t believe he possessed elite shooting ability.

He helped himself a lot by notably hitting 12 straight threes at the NBA combine during one of the spot-up drills. Six-foot-nine wings who can really shoot the ball are always worth looking at in the back of the first round.


Honorable Mentions: Alex Karaban, KJ Simpson, Pelle Larson, Zaccharie Risacher, Ja’Kobe Walter, Tyler Smith


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