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2024 NBA Off-Season Preview: What’s Next For The Golden State Warriors?

The Warriors have a crucial off-season ahead of them.

The Warriors’ off-season will focus on building around Steph Curry as the team’s up-and-down 2023-24 season ended in heartbreaking fashion. The Golden State Warriors‘ NBA off-season will undoubtedly be frenzied with the fate of its three franchise Hall of Famers. No one wants to see Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green broken up.

2024 NBA Off-Season Preview: What’s Next For The Golden State Warriors?

2023-2024 Season Recap

The Warriors’ 2023-24 season was up and down, to say the least, with Curry as the only constant. Klay Thompson struggled much of the year, and Steve Kerr resorted to bringing him off the bench midway through the season. Draymond Green also had his problems. The NBA suspended him for 12 games following an on-court situation with Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkic. Earlier in the year, Green was suspended five games for putting Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert in a chokehold amidst another on-court scuffle.

Throughout the regular season turmoil, the Warriors managed to play themselves into the play-in tournament. The Sacramento Kings knocked them out and never advanced further. The conversation in the sports media landscape throughout the seasons was whether Curry, Thompson, and Green should all return next year. Remember, this same core boasts four championship rings and dynasty status. After seeing last year’s struggles and how it ended in the play-in, questions surrounding Thompson’s contract and Green’s trade possibilities are relevant talking points.

Will the Warriors continue forward with who has brought so much success over the last decade? Or will next year’s roster be without Thompson or Green? This NBA off-season for the Golden State Warriors might be the most important yet for the future of one of the NBA’s most distinguished franchises.

2024-2025 Projected Cap Space and Draft Picks

  • Over the cap

If the Warriors are known for one thing, they’ve spent much of the last decade deep in the luxury tax and haven’t been shy about being there. However, Peter Gruber and Joseph Lacob, Golden State’s owners, have publicly stated that getting out of the luxury tax is now a priority moving forward. The Warriors have a tight cap situation, and management’s efforts to lessen their financial restraints will come before almost anything else.

The Warriors don’t have much to work with in this upcoming NBA off-season draft. Recently, they worked out centers Ighodaro and Carlson. The Warriors lack depth at the center position, so it makes sense why they are looking to draft one. Bridges and Horne shot above 40 percent from three last year in college, and we all know that the Warriors are like shooters. With only one draft pick to work with, GM Dunleavy Jr. has to get it right.

Pending Free Agents and Possible Departures

The most extensive conversation regarding the Warrior’s free agents is obviously Klay Thompson. His future will bank on what he wants to re-sign for, and whether the Warriors will meet his demands. Thompson spoke in depth about his free agency on Draymond Green’s podcast earlier in the year. It’s clear that he wants to remain a Warrior. Payton is the only player on this list with a player option, and should he pick it up, it would continue to be a solid fit for both parties as he is a league-top defender and can match up with multiple positions.

Although not technically a free agent, Chris Paul is possibly on the board to be moved. He holds a 30-million-dollar non-guaranteed salary until June for next season. For a team wanting to spend less, it’s almost sure that the point god will play elsewhere next year.

Trade Pieces

I would venture to say that Kuminga is the least likely player to be moved this NBA off-season. He ended the season with much-improved play and significantly contributed to getting the Warriors to the play-in and keeping them in contention. To dust off a rising young and much-improved player with Kuminga’s talent and skill doesn’t fit in the Warriors’ crystal ball.

Wiggins is an interesting player to watch for in the trade winds. His play last year dropped significantly, and his value as a Warrior may be lower than it was during their 2022 championship run. Not to mention, he’s playing on an 84-million-dollar contract. He would be part of a package deal with some draft picks if he did indeed get traded. As for Looney, sad as it is to say, he might be replaceable with someone who brings more skill and talent to his position. The organization loves him and what he brings to the floor, but an overall roster improvement may result in Looney getting traded.

 Realistic Warriors Off-Season Targets


A potential trade involving Andrew Wiggins has already sparked significant interest involving the Chicago Bulls. Caruso and Vucivic are the two players linked to this trade rumor.

Collins works because of the floor spacing he provides, shooting 37.1 percent from the three this year, and his size, which is something the Warriors need in a forward if Wiggins, who is rumored to be on the trading block, gets moved. He and Curry together as a catch-and-shoot combo could be one of the more efficient ones in the league. A fellow Utah Jazz player, Markkanen, could also be a target for the Warriors. This would be an exciting move if it were to evolve. Not only does he provide size and length, but he is also an excellent shooter and effectively gets to the basket. Like Collins, Markkanen would be another superb catch-and-shoot partner with Curry.

As for Jarrett Allen, the Warriors don’t have a true big man. He would undoubtedly be an upgrade from Looney, certainly on the offensive side of the floor, and Trayce Jackson-Davis could learn from Allen as he goes into his second year.

Free Agents

Signing any superstar free agents will be a tough go this NBA off-season for Golden State. Their cap and luxury tax situations are treading water. However, because the Warriors are thin and lack a true center position, Claxton or Plumlee could help fill the void in the paint area. Both players are unrestricted free agents, and the Warriors could make a run at either player without spending too much. In Dinwiddie, the Warriors get a guard with great size on the perimeter. Although his stint as a buyout for the Los Angeles Lakers last year didn’t exactly highlight the best of him, Dinwiddie can be an effective player if used properly.

All cards on the table, the vast majority of fans want to avoid seeing the trio of Curry, Thompson, and Green getting split up, even if Green can be too much at times. It will be a melancholy reality if Curry and Thompson don’t share the court next year. The Warriors have to decide if Thompson is worth what he asks for. Or, perhaps Thompson is willing to take a pay cut. This NBA off-season for the Golden State Warriors has the potential to be truly a disappointing one or an exciting one if things go down a certain way. Mike Dunleavy Jr. has some tough decisions to make in his second off-season following in the shadow of former Warriors GM Bob Myers.

However, as long as Steph Curry, the unparalleled shooter in the history of the game, remains the foundation block of the team, the Warriors will always have a fighting chance.


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