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What’s Next For Klay Thompson?

Klay Thompson has a lot to consider as he enters free agency this offseason.

Klay Thompson has proved and delivered exemplary show-stopping moments during his decade-plus with his in-game bromance with Stephen Curry. Together the two formed the Splash Brothers duo. He delivered big moments including massive game six performances with incredible three-point-shooting.

Now all these are in the distant past. Thompson had one of his worst games ever at a big moment, missing all 10 shots he took Tuesday night in a 118-94 loss to the Sacramento Kings in the Play-In Tournament. It was Thompson’s last game before encompassing the uncertainty of free agency.

What’s Next For Klay Thompson?

A Legend Devastated

Klay spent his final minutes in a Warriors uniform sitting on the bench with a bewildered stare at the loss. He walked off the court for potentially the final time in a Warriors uniform. Thompson went scoreless for the first time ever since earlier in this season. He had the most missed shots without a make in a playoff game by a Warriors player in the last 50 seasons.

It was a long haul from his 37-point third quarter against the Kings in 2015 and also his 60-point game against Indiana the following season. As well as‚ the 11 three-pointers he hit at the 2016 Western Conference Finals against Oklahoma City helped get to a seventh game and an eventual comeback to the NBA Finals.

The Dark Road of Injuries

Klay struggled to get back to prime level after being absent on two full seasons in 2019-20 and 2020-21 with injuries to his ACL and Achilles. Klay struggled to get back to prime level after being absent for two full seasons in 2019-20 and 2020-21 with injuries to his ACL and Achilles. He later staged a comeback‚ and helped Golden State secure a fourth championship in era 2022. However, he struggled for long parts of this season. Thompson was benched in key late in games frequently. He was later forced to come off the bench during a stretch this season. But was able to find his groove late in the season and was reinserted into the starting lineup.

Free Agency

That ended his final season of a five-year contract worth nearly $190 million. He is set to become a free agent in July. The team should decide the cost implications of paying Klay‚ whose best seasons are far gone. While Thompson must decide how big of a pay cut he’s going to take if he finishes his career with the Warriors. Klay could earn a massive contract on the open market due to his history of elite play. Despite his poor performance both Curry and Head Coach Steve Kerr adamantly defended Thompson after the game.

“Everybody’s going to talk about one game I know he wanted to play better. … I know he’s a true champion. We all prepare ourselves to play our best when the lights are bright. When it doesn’t happen, nobody needs to tell you anything” Curry stated.

“We need Klay back. I know he had a tough night tonight,”. I know I speak for everyone in the organization, we want him back. Obviously there’s business at hand and that has to be addressed. … But what Klay has meant to this franchise, as good as he is, we definitely want him back.” said Steve Kerr head coach of the Golden Warriors after the excruciating loss to Sacramento Kings during the Play-In tournament.

With Thompson’s uncertain future, it’s a promising sign that both Kerr and Curry remain in his corner.


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