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Best Shooters In The 2024 NBA Draft

Nov 22, 2023; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Baylor Bears guard Ja'Kobe Walter (4) takes a three-point shot in the second half against the Oregon State Beavers at Barclay Center. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Three-point shooting has never been more desirable than in today’s NBA. Scouts may now mark perimeter shooting ability as a focus for nearly every position. Often times, good perimeter shooters make for better floor spacing and complimentary pieces to any team.

That’s exactly what these prospects hope to bring to prospective NBA teams looking for great shooters.

Best Shooters In The 2024 NBA Draft

Ja’Kobe Walter (Freshman): Baylor

The best overall prospect on this list, Ja’Kobe Walter’s hoping to hear his name as high as the top five. Walter’s 37.3 three-point shooting percentage on just over five attempts per game is extremely impressive, especially for a freshman.

Unlike most others on this list as well, Walter’s also a great athlete with a lot of length. Combine those traits with his shooting prowess, and he’s easily one of the safer bets to become an immediate impact player.

Reed Sheppard (Freshman): Kentucky

Reed Sheppard has been one of the major surprises to NBA draft boards this season.  Sheppard has the highest three-point shooting percentage out of anyone on this list. He’s shooting a blistering 57.1 percent on just over four attempts per game.

Not thought of as a top prospect even on just Kentucky’s roster before the season, scouts are fully aware of Sheppard now. He’s receiving plenty lottery buzz for his elite marksmanship combined with high IQ and flashes of solid playmaking.

Dalton Knecht (Junior): Tennessee

Dalton Knecht has steadily climbed up draft boards, but has really intrigued scouts after a 37-point outburst against North Carolina. Knecht is a six-foot-six wing out of Tennessee that has a lot of upside to work with for an older prospect. Knecht is probably the best movement shooter on this list, taking advantage of Tennessee’s heavy off-ball screening offense.

He currently boasts a 38.0 three-point shooting percentage on four and a half attempts per game. Knecht has also flashed some highlight dunks this season and isn’t afraid to put the ball on the floor. If Tennessee goes far this season and Knecht continues to show up in big games, his stock will continue to rise.

Alex Karaban (Sophomore): UCONN

Alex Karaban is a six-foot-eight forward with great spot-up shooting ability. Karaban currently has a 34.9 three-point shooting percentage on the season. While this percentage has taken a slight dip compared to last season, his usage has also increased. He’s taking close to six attempts per game compared to 4.2 from last season.

Karaban’s draft stock is currently limited by his lack of athleticism and mobility, specifically on the defensive end. However, teams looking for a solid knockdown shooter with plus-size should definitely have Karaban on their radar. He should also have the opportunity to show out on big stages playing for one of the best teams in the country at UCONN.

Tucker Devries (Junior): Drake

Playing at a mid-major college, Tucker Devries isn’t a well-known prospect to most. Devries has the lowest three-point shooting percentage thus far at 31 percent, but there’s no mistaking that he’s elite in this area. Being the focal point on offense for his team, Devries easily has the highest usage and attempts of anyone on this list at seven per game.

In an NBA setting, Devries won’t be asked to do nearly the amount he does at Drake. He’d only be asked to do what he does best, and that’s shoot the basketball. Devries stands at six-foot-seven and 210 pounds, giving him good size on the wing even by NBA standards. Devries will need to continue a great season and then prove himself at the combines in order for NBA teams to really buy into his stock.


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