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2024 NBA Draft Big Board 1.0

Ron Holland headlines several NBA Draft Big boards.

The NBA draft is a little over six months away, but it’s never too early to take a stab at where prospects stack up on a draft board. This big board will be a basis going forwards, and will certainly change as prospects develop throughout their respective seasons.

This class doesn’t have the top-end talent similar to previous years, but there are still plenty of valuable prospects to glean from.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the first Big Board for the 2024 NBA Draft.

2024 NBA Draft Big Board 1.0

1) Ron Holland: G-League Ignite

Ron Holland is a six-foot-eight wing playing with the G-league ignite. Holland has the ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor and plays with an incredible amount of energy. His NBA-ready size and athleticism should translate well to filling different roles for any NBA team. If the ball handling and shooting continue to trend upwards, he’s one of the few in this class who will have star potential.

2) Alexandre Sarr: Perth Wildcats (NBL Australia)

Alex Sarr is a French big man who plays in the NBL out of Australia. Sarr is extremely mobile for his size standing at a lanky seven-foot-one with a seven-foot-five wingspan. He’s already NBA-ready on the defensive end blocking shots and using his length and mobility on the perimeter. He’s also shown flashes of intriguing offensive skill in face-ups and three-point shooting.

3) Isaiah Collier: USC

Isaiah Collier is a big and physical point guard listed at six-foot-five and 210 pounds. He uses size as well as solid athleticism when finishing at the rim, and he can be a floor general on offense. He should make a fantastic pick-and-roll combination with already budding superstar Victor Wembanyama. Collier has also shown real flashes in his perimeter shooting ability as well.

4) Matas Buzelis: G-League Ignite

It can be argued that Matas Buzelis has the highest upside in the class. Buzelis is a six-foot-ten wing with elite offensive skills. He can shoot it at all three levels and is a fluid athlete in space. He hasn’t yet played a regular season game with the Ignite due to an ankle injury. Once back on the floor, he hopes to rise up draft boards back into the number one pick conversation.

5) Nikola Topic: Mega MIS (Serbia)

Nikola Topic is a Serbian six-foot-six point guard who can run the show and is currently playing internationally. He’s not an explosive athlete, but his craft and playmaking ability more than makeup for it. Topic can be the jumbo-sized lead guard that is becoming a trend in the NBA.

6) Ja’Kobe Walter: Baylor

It’s an easy buy-in process when analyzing Ja’Kobe Walter’s skillset. He’s long, athletic, and can shoot the three-ball at a high clip. This archetype makes Walter one of the safer bets in this draft. If he wants to cash in as a top-five pick and rise up draft boards, he will need to continue to show self-creation ability.

7) Stephon Castle: UConn

Stephon Castle is another tall lead guard at six-foot-six. His physical tools allow him to be either a point guard with good size or a wing with good ball-handling ability. Castle has also shown he can compete on the defensive end of the floor as well.

8) Zaccharie Risacher: JL Bourg (France)

Zaccharie Risacher is a six-foot-nine French wing with a lot of upside. Early on he’s shown that he’s capable as a shooter from the spot up and on the move. He’s also shown great value as a secondary playmaker and passer to go along with his ‘3-and-D’ wing archetype.

9) Justin Edwards: Kentucky

Justin Edwards hasn’t gotten off to the start he wanted to at Kentucky, but the tools to be successful are there. He’s a six-foot-eight lefty wing who passes the eye test when on the court. The shooting stroke from all three levels looks smooth along with a solid handle. Edwards needs to show consistency and improvement as a playmaker to capitalize on his draft stock.

10) Donovan Clingan: UConn

Donovan Clingan is a seven-foot-two big man in his sophomore season with the Huskies. Clingan has a clear projected role as a frontcourt anchor on the defensive and offensive side of the ball. He has great shot-blocking ability and is a good play finisher on the interior.

11) Cody Williams: Colorado

Cody Williams has been rising up draft boards recently. He’s a six-foot-eight slender wing in his freshman season at Colorado this year. Williams is the younger brother of starting NBA guard Jalen Williams of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He’s a smooth and fluid athlete who looks to have a polished offensive game for his age.

12) Izan Almansa: G-League Ignite

Izan Almansa is a six-foot-ten big man for the G-league Ignite by way of the Overtime Elite league, and originally Spain. Almansa is currently most heralded for his high-effort play and skilled finishing on the interior.

13) Tyrese Proctor: Duke

Tyrese Proctor is a six-foot-five lead guard with a great handle and perimeter shooting. If he shows more aggression and defensive acumen this season at Duke, there will be no shortage of suitors on draft night.

14) Kyle Filipowski: Duke

Kyle Filipowski is a seven-foot big man with good perimeter skills. He wants to show better percentages in his sophomore season at Duke, but the shooting touch and fundamentals all pass the eye test.

15) Kel’el Ware: Indiana

Kel’el Ware is a sophomore transfer playing at Indiana this season. Standing at seven-foot-one and containing elite athleticism for his size, Ware shines on the defensive end blocking shots as well as a lob-dunk finisher. He will hope to fill the Dereck Lively role in this NBA draft class.

16) Ryan Dunn: Virginia

Ryan Dunn has been a recent riser through big boards in his junior season at Virginia. He’s another prospect who projects to have a specific role at the next level as a defensive ace for any team. Dunn’s a six-foot-eight forward with elite mobility and athleticism on the defensive end. If he proves he can be decent offensively, he will continue to rise up draft boards.

17) Adem Bona: UCLA

Adem Bona is another vertical spacing big man out of UCLA. Standing at six-foot-ten and 245 pounds, Bona will be a shot blocker and lob dunk finisher at the next level. Scouts will also value Bona’s high motor on both ends.

18) Trey Alexander: Creighton

Trey Alexander has had somewhat of an expected breakout campaign in his sophomore season at Creighton. Already having proven to be a great shooter at all levels, Alexander has shown more athleticism and playmaking this season.

19) Carlton Carrington: Pittsburgh

Carlton Carrington skyrocketed onto draft boards after a triple-double to begin the season at Pittsburgh. He’s somewhat cooled down since playing better competition, but scouts saw his potential. He’s a six-foot-six guard with good creation, playmaking, and shot-making ability. If he has more big games, he may rise even higher up draft boards.

20) Reed Sheppard: Kentucky

Reed Sheppard is another surprise to draft boards and wasn’t expected to be one of the top prospects above other teammates at Kentucky. He’s only six-foot-three and doesn’t possess elite athleticism, but he’s shown that he can be a lethal shooter and high-IQ passer.

21) Baba Miller: Florida State

Baba Miller has the Scottie Barnes athletic profile that really intrigues scouts. He’s six-foot-eleven but moves like a guard with fluid athleticism. He’s much more raw than Barnes was at the same age, however. If he shows improved offensive skill and perimeter shooting this season, expect him to skyrocket up draft boards.

22) Tidjane Salaun: Cholet Basket (France)

At first glance, teams will be reminded a lot of Michael Porter’s athletic profile. Tidjane Salaun is a lanky six-foot-ten wing who has shown a clean shooting strike combined with solid athleticism.

22) Aday Mara: UCLA

Aday Mara’s minutes have been inconsistent in his freshman season, but he’s shown the skill that scouts were looking for. There aren’t many seven-foot-three humans who play with the IQ and passing ability Mara possesses. There are still mobility and athletic concerns that keep Mara from rising too high up draft boards, however.

23) DJ Wagner: Kentucky

DJ Wagner hasn’t looked like a world-beater at Kentucky in his freshman season just yet. Teams will like what Wagner brings to the table though as a six-foot-three guard with elite speed and confidence.

24) Riley Kugel: Florida

Riley Kugel was picked by many to have a breakout campaign in his sophomore season at Florida. He’s still a great microwave scorer with good shooting at all three levels, but he hasn’t necessarily shown much improvement in the playmaking department. He has the ball-handling ability to do it, but it seems he may lack the feel.

25) Wooga Poplar: Miami

Wooga Poplar is a six-foot-five shooting guard that contains great athleticism. He’s climbed up draft boards his junior season due to shooting near 60% from three in his first five games. If he continues to shoot the ball at a high rate, he may rise even higher.

26) Garwey Dual: Providence

Garwey Dual was a sleeper lottery prospect by many as a freshman this season at Providence. At this point, it seems he may be best served spending more time to develop, but there’s still time. Dual is a six-foot-five shifty guard who also has the length to wreak havoc on the defensive end of the floor.

27) Melvin Ajinca: Saint-Quentin BB (France)

Melvin Ajinca is another French basketball prospect standing at six-foot-seven on the wing. He’s currently heralded as a do it all guy who plays with a lot of energy. He doesn’t yet possess any one elite trait but has recently emerged as a reliable perimeter shooter.

28) Elmarko Jackson: Kansas

Elmarko Jackson is a bit undersized for the wing at six-foot-three, but he does possess elite athleticism. Unfortunately, on a crowded Kansas roster, he hasn’t gotten the opportunity to show scouts much outside his athletic slasher archetype.

29) Tyler Smith: G-League Ignite

Tyler Smith is a smooth lefty forward at six-foot-ten with good mobility. He moves like an NBA wing and has a smooth release on his shooting stroke. Smith needs to show that he possesses an elite trait and can play a defined role to rise up draft boards.

30) Trevon Brazile: Arkansas

After tearing his ACL in the middle of what many thought was a breakout prospect, Trevone Brazile is back. At six-foot-ten with elite above the rim athleticism, Brazile has shown improvement as a perimeter shooter this season as well.

31) Yves Missi: Baylor

Yves Missi has come on the radar for many draft boards as a potential riser in his freshman season at Baylor. He’s a seven-foot big man who’s a fluid mover and provides an instant defensive impact.

32) Bobi Klintman: Cairns Taipans (NBL Australia)

Bobi Klintman left Wake Forest after this past season in favor of the NBL in Australia. At six-foot-ten, Klintman has an intriguing skillset as a combo forward with a great shooting stroke.

33) Aaron Bradshaw: Kentucky

Lookout for Aaron Bradshaw to rise up draft boards in a hurry if he can get past a foot injury that’s kept him sidelined in his freshman season. Bradshaw is an athletic seven-foot big man with a lot of upside. He flashes great mobility, shot-blocking, and play finishing skills as a lob threat on the interior.

34) Kevin McCullar: Kansas

Kevin McCullar is a superb defender for the highly-ranked Kansas Jayhawks squad. At six-foot-six, he has the size and defensive instincts to match up with a lot of guards and wings in the NBA. He’s also flashed some ability to be a kind of point forward this season, having multiple triple-doubles under his belt.

35) Rob Dillingham: Kentucky

Rob Dillingham is a twitchy scorer who plays with a lot of flash. Dillingham’s size at six-foot-three and questions about filling a role other than volume scorer are currently limiting his draft stock.


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