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Stephen Curry Projected to Dominate the 3-Point Area in the 2022-2023 NBA Season

Stephen Curry likely to be NBA three point leader

The three-point territory is not a shot that everyone can consistently make. Over the years, the weapon evolved into an effective tool that can create scoring prowess with skill and mastery. There are a handful of shooters out there that possess the craft from beyond the arc. The stats say it all, Stephen Curry is projected to dominate the 3-points area in the 2022-2023 NBA Season.

Stephen Curry Projected to Dominate the 3-Point Area in the 2022-2023 NBA Season

Since the invention of the 3-point shot back in 1979 by the American Basketball Association, the sport has never been the same again. As a result, the shot revolutionized basketball. Team players consider the shot beyond the arc as a viable option.

The 3-point territory is Curry’s baby. He is the best 3-point shooter in the land and will dominate the rainbow shootout in the 2022-2023 NBA season. Especially with the 3-point step-back shot. He is the best shooter with this deadly fire that does damage to opponents.

The Top Ten 3-Point Shooters Predicted for the 2022-2023 Season.

 Anfernee Simons, SG – Portland Trail Blazers

Anfernee Simons has an average of 7.8 three-point attempts made and converted 3.1. His 3-point field goal percentage was 40.5% last season. Expect Simons to continue draining from beyond the arc with his confidence and intent to score in every game. The SG from “ The City of Roses “ made 179 three-pointers last year. This season, Simmons is predicted to pitch in 3.8 three-point shots on 8.8 attempts per game to an average of 41.3%

Trae Young, PG – Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young is impressive with his 3-point capability in the preseason match. Last year, Young made an average of 8.0 attempts per game and drained an average of 3.1, according to ESPN statistics. In addition, the stats he had last season was competitive at an average of 38.2% from the 3-point area. That is to say, with the form he has in the preseason matches, he’ll be among the top 10 shooters in the next season. Experts predict 3.0 three-point field goals per game on 7.9 attempts per game at a rate of 37.8% for young.

Jayson Tatum, SF – Boston Celtics

In the 2021-2022 season, Jason Tatum made 35.3% of his three-point shots from 8.6 attempts per game. In total, he converted 2.3 three-pointers per game last season. Tatum is 7th in last year’s step-back three conversions at 34.6% from the rainbow territory. Opponents will have their hands full in shadowing this 3-point sniper. Experts’ prediction on Tatum is 3.0 three-pointers of 8.1 attempts per game at 37.3%. To sum it up, he’ll have his place in the top 10 players to make those threes this season.

Luka Doncic, SG – Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic delivered 201 three-point markers last season. Doncic has been on momentum since joining the NBA in 2018, consistently increasing his 3-point production in a span of four years. The previous season saw the Slovenian drain 35.3% of his rainbow-territory shots and made 35.7% of his step-back threes. This year, he is projected to do even better at 35.8% and will convert 3.1 of his shots of the 8.7 attempts per game. He has a place in the top 10 three-point shooters this season.

Desmond Bane, SG – Memphis Grizzlies

Desmond Bane brought in 3.0 three-pointers on 6.9 attempts per game at an average of 43.6% for the Memphis Grizzlies last season. He will continue to make more of it this coming regular season. In addition to his 3-point shooting prowess last year, he already made a career-high of 46.4% at 2.4 three-points made on 5.5 attempts. Bane is predicted to be in the top ten elite 3-point shooters come the 2022-2023 season. Experts’ prediction for the shooting guard for this year is 3.4 three-point field goals on 7.7 attempts at 44.0%.

Lonzo Ball, PG – Chicago Bulls

Lonzo Ball is one of the most productive 3-point shooters in the NBA. Ball suffered a meniscus tear and bone bruise in his left knee last January 28, 2021. As a result, he was placed under the knife and eventually, had 6-8 weeks of rest and recovery. Meaning, he missed the rest of the season including the playoffs. Despite the setback, he had a 42.3% three-point shooting percentage last season. In addition, he attempted 7.4 shots converting 3.1 of them per game. Experts predict a 3.2 three-point field goal on 8 attempts at 40.3% this year. A slot is open as one of the top 10 three-point shooters for Ball this season.

Seth Curry, SG – Brooklyn Nets

In his 2021-2022 NBA season, Seth Curry delivered 158 three-point shots despite his team-hopping stint. He made 2.2 three-point shots on 5.6 attempts at an average of 40% in 45 games when he was with the Philadelphia 76ers. After his trade to the Brooklyn Nets, he made 3.1 three-point shots on 6.5 attempts at 46.8% when he played for the Nets for 19 games. Predicted to be on the top ten three-point shooters this season, he will put in 2.7 three-pointers on 5.6 attempts at 42.5% per game.

Kyrie Irving, PG – Brooklyn Nets

Due to COVID restrictions and other events surrounding Kyrie Irving, he only played 29 games last season. Yet, he managed to earn a 41.8% 3-point shooting average of 8.2 attempts and converted 3.4 threes per game. In his rookie year in 2011-2012 season, he only played 51 games but won the Rookie of the Year Award. Irving is predicted to be on the top ten 3-point shooters in the league this season making three 3-point shots on 7.4 attempts per game at the rate of 40.6%.

Grayson Allen, SG – Milwaukee Bucks

Grayson Allen delivered 355 three-point shots in his NBA career. Last season, he made 2.4 three-point shots on 5.9 attempts per game at an average of 40.9%. Allen is projected to post his 3-point shooting average at 40.4%, by making 3.1 3pointers on 7.6 attempts per game. In short, Grayson Allen will have his name etched on the top 10 three-point shooters this season.

Stephen Curry, PG – Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry revolutionized the lethality of this weapon depicted by the 3-point step-back technique. Data gathered by @KirkGoldsberry show that 8 players attempted the step-back three last year. As a result, only Curry made at least 37% of the 3-point shot. He made 47% of his 167 step-back attempts last season.

Over the 64 games Curry played last year, he delivered 3.5 three-point field goals on 11.7 attempts per game. Per statmuse, he put in 285 three-point shots last year. In the same vein, he is the top three-point shooter that made the most 3-point goals last season at 38%. This year, experts predict that Stephen Curry will be doing 4.7 three-point field goals at 12.3 attempts at an average of 38.7%.

This list is the top 10 three-point shooters with Stephen Curry projected to dominate the 3-point area in the 2022-2023 NBA season.


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