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Brooklyn Nets 2022-2023 Season Preview

After being swept in the first round of last year’s playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets are ready to relaunch an NBA title campaign in the 2022-2023 season. The Nets’ offseason plans revolved around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, who both were expected to be traded at times. Regardless, both superstars remain on the roster at the time of this article’s publishing. The Nets made very few moves this offseason, with hopes that Durant and Irving will be able to reignite the flame in this roster and help them bring home the franchise’s first NBA title.

Brooklyn Nets Season Preview

The Nets’ offseason was highlighted by the swirling rumors regarding Durant and his commitment to being a Brooklyn Net. Durant reportedly demanded a trade, or that ownership fire both Nets GM Sean Marks and Head Coach Steve Nash. However, Durant’s requests were silenced, and Marks, Nash, and Durant all remain Brooklyn Nets.

The other superstar on the roster, Irving, also reportedly requested a trade. Irving never formally made a request, and despite his heavy involvement in trade rumors, it is highly unlikely that he starts the season on another team.

The Nets opted away from making yet another blockbuster trade and chose to add depth, signing T.J. Warren and Markieff Morris. Brooklyn also gave up a first-round pick and received Jazz guard Royce O’Neale. Each of these three acquisitions hopes to prove helpful to the Nets come the playoffs.

With the season finally approaching, the Nets will have to be prepared for various challenges. They will be in the spotlight all season, as they play 13 games which will be nationally televised. There is additionally a lot of pressure on Durant and Irving. They both have been with the Nets for three seasons and have enjoyed little success.

At the trade deadline last season, the Nets dealt for Ben Simmons, and his return to the court will likely be this season. This addition to the roster could potentially be impactful, as Simmons has playoff experience, and is a great facilitator. His skillset fits well with what the Nets so strongly desire, and could help this team wreak havoc on the league this season.

Brooklyn Nets 2022-2023 Expectations

Based on the quality of their roster, the Nets will have an incredibly difficult time exceeding their expectations. A team with a stacked roster such as this one will have difficulty attempting to please the critics. However, improvement is nearly a guarantee. Injuries and COVID made last season a nightmare for the Nets, one that they are better off forgetting. The Nets are poised to finish with more than 44 wins and are expected to make the second round of the playoffs.

The Eastern Conference is as strong as ever, but with the Nets and their revamped roster, there is no telling how great the Nets could truly become. However, there is another potential outcome. The Nets are sure to have struggles behind the scenes, especially regarding Durant and his since shutdown trade request. If players are unable to focus on the game itself and the external media presence gets to their heads, the Nets could be in trouble.

But regardless of potential issues, this roster is one of the most talented in the league. Durant, Irving, and Simmons are all great players, and will certainly figure it out. Right?

The Nets’ first regular season game is against the New Orleans Pelicans on October 19th and 7:30 PM.


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