Duncan Robinson is Staying in South Beach

Duncan Robinson

Talented wing Duncan Robinson formally re-signed with the Miami Heat on Monday. The two sides agreed to a 5-year contract worth $90 million, or around $18 million per season. This contract ties him down through the 2025-26 regular season. 

South Beach Retains Sharpshooter Duncan Robinson

Over his 3-year NBA career, Duncan Robinson has a very interesting story dating back to his college days. Robinson came in as a two-way player and by his 2nd season in the league, he was starting for a finals team. He has put up around 12 points and 3 rebounds per game for his career. He went undrafted and signed with Miami in 2018 as a 24-year old. Last season he averaged 13 points per game on over 40% shooting from 3 on the 6th-seeded Miami Heat. The team failed to make it past the first round, however, due to past success, this deal was put into place.

What This Means for the Future

Despite the failure in the past season, keeping a sharpshooter like Robinson is important. Miami’s two franchise players are both very talented but both aren’t reliable outside shooters. Teams in the past have shown three-point shooting isn’t necessary but it is still very important in today’s NBA. With the inclusion of Kyle Lowry, Robinson gives Miami an off-ball threat that can further help the team go into deep playoff runs.

Miami is clearly all-in right now. They may have just gotten out of salary cap prison, but they put themselves right back in it. Robinson has been an important piece for the Heat when he is firing on all cylinders. The Heat just have to hope he is back on track this season.

It will be interesting to see how Miami and Pat Riley choose to fill out the rest of the roster with major cap constraints now. However, when push comes to shove, their core is clearly in place.

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