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New York Knicks Rebuild

New York Knicks rebuild

The New York Knicks rebuild is becoming a slow transitioning process. The team has fired head coach David Fizdale, and the play of the team itself continues to be scrutinized. When the Knicks drafted RJ Barrett fifth overall in the 2019 draft, the organization knew what the future was bright. But, Barrett is only averaging 14.3 points per game on 39 percent shooting and 32 minutes per game. New York’s leader in points currently is Marcus Morris.

What lies ahead for the Knicks in terms of the rebuild? If the organization can find a true leader as a head coach that can mature the young core of stars, then this team can be a contender eventually. Obviously, with a current 5-20 record, the Knicks are nowhere near being a contender.

New York Knicks Rebuild

The rebuild process goes way beyond maturing and drafting future stars. The key statistics that the entire team needs to improve on tie into the rebuild also. As a team, New York is shooting 42 percent from the field. Though they are averaging 101 points and 20 assists per outing, New York has to get their young players into the rotation more.

The New York Knicks have been in a “rebuild” for some time. Go back to the Carmelo Anthony years. The organization was a good team then for some time. However, after Anthony left, everything went downhill. And now the Knicks are searching for answers. Barrett has been solid so far this season. But, not only one player makes a team into a contender. These things take a full team effort.

Better Offense

The Knicks have to play better offense to continue on the upward trek. Involve Barrett more. Allow the rookie to get into open space for jumpers. Morris cannot carry the team himself. Amidst all of the turmoil with the higher-ups, the team is beginning to find their identity. Though the rebuild will take time, a few seasons even, the offensive side is clicking. On Wednesday night, New York beat the battered Golden State Warriors in overtime. So, the offense is playing better. The defense is playing well right now too.

If the Knicks truly want to become a contender, the front office will be patient with the roster. RJ Barrett is going to be a star. He just needs the leverage and leadership of the veterans. Guys like Elfrid Payton and Julius Randle can mentor Barrett and the rest of the rookies.

New York Knicks Rebuild: Where to Go Next Season

25 games into the season and New York is looking like they will miss the playoffs again. Is it too early to look ahead to 2020? At this point, probably not. Yes, the future is Barrett. But, if New York is to truly become a contender, they’ll need another young star. There will be plenty of names in next year’s draft that can help set the tone for the future. Players like Cassius Winston from Michigan State could improve the roster.

Looking ahead, the future for the Knicks is very bright. The team is starting to control the ball well and use their best players to earn wins. Despite everything going on internally, the team itself is making positives out of the negatives currently ongoing with the front office.

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