Why The New York Knicks Should Trade For D’Angelo Russell

New York Knicks Dangelo Russell

The New York Knicks start to this season has not been great. After suffering a rough 120-102 loss to the Chicago Bulls, they stand at 3-10 and are in last place in the Eastern Conference once again. Nothing has gone well for New York to start the season, Mitchell Robinson has been getting hurt, Julius Randle is struggling to fit in, and coach David Fizdale has been rumored to be getting fired

The main reason for the Knicks’ struggles: not a consistent option at point guard. Frank Ntilikina has played well, but he probably is not the future starting Knicks’ point guard.  D’Angelo Russell, however, might be.  

Russell is currently on the Golden State Warriors, who are in last place in the Western Conference due to long term injuries to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Russell was more the Warriors attempt to not lose Kevin Durant for nothing, but he was an odd fit next to Curry and eventually Thompson. He has been the subject of trade rumors since his trade to the Warriors. The Knicks should be all-in on trying to bring Russell back to New York.  

Trading for the 23-year-old former Brooklyn Nets All-Star would be an excellent move for New York.

The New York Knicks Should Trade for D’Angelo Russell

Trading for D’Angelo Russell gets the New York Knicks an Already Proven Star

Yes, the Knicks will most likely get a high draft pick this season as they do not look very good. There are two options at point guard at the top of the draft: Cole Anthony and LaMelo Ball, the younger brother of Lonzo Ball. These two both look great, but the NBA Draft will always be an unknown. If the Knicks end up drafting one of these two, and they do not turn out, they will be stuck in the same situation. 

There is another option: The Knicks can trade for D’Angelo Russell. Russell already has shown to be an All-Star, averaging 26 points, 4 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game this season. He made the All-Star game last season playing for the Brooklyn Nets. The Knicks need this All-Star spark back in Madison Square Garden, and the fans definitely deserve this.

D’Angelo Russell is a True NBA Point Guard

The Knicks do not have that true modern NBA point guard. Dennis Smith Jr. can’t shoot the ball, Elfrid Payton won’t shoot the ball, and Ntilikina is more of a passing guard who is more out there for defense. Russell scores from the outside, can get out in transition, and either score or facilitate with ease. The Knicks lack three-point shooting, especially from the point guard position. Russell does answer this problem.  

Russell is the perfect point guard to run a fast-paced offense, as his length at the point guard position to go along with his ability to hit the three-point shot at an elite level. Add an excellent playmaking ability to these factors, and he is the perfect point guard to help revive the Knicks.

D’Angelo Russell Fits Perfectly with the New York Knicks

There is no chance that RJ Barrett or Robinson will be traded. Everyone else is available for trade. When it comes to these two, D’Angelo Russell is a perfect fit. Russell had a worse version of Robinson in Jarrett Allen last year, and the two of them worked well together. Russell can help find Robinson on the pick and roll and hopefully re-create lob-city. 

Barrett, like Russell, is a willing passer. Barrett is very good at attacking the rim and looks like a veteran when scoring inside. Russell helps space the floor for Barrett. The three of them can form a young, fast-paced trio. In not too long, this trio can be a force in the Eastern Conference. 

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