NBA Trade Rumors: Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets and More

NBA Trade Rumors
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With the 2019 NBA season underway, many different teams are seeing the good and bad within their franchises. Some are content in their current state but others are in dire need of a change. Certain teams are near the bottom in league rankings and need a star to add a spark to their roster. Others are just one player away from joining the elite list of contenders atop the league. One of the only ways to make these changes happen is through trades. While they may not be imminent, any one of these NBA trade rumors could turn into a very real trade down the line.

Trade Rumors from Around the NBA

Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets

This Denver Nuggets team may not require a roster shakeup, but adding a quality veteran role player like Andre Iguodala to their roster could benefit the team. Maurice Bobb from Bleacher Report listed the Nuggets as a potential fit for veteran forward. It has been made very clear that Iguodala wants a trade, but the Memphis Grizzlies want a plethora of draft picks in return.

A team like Denver currently holds a great number of picks, which should be enough to satisfy Memphis. They would also need to unload a player such as Mason Plumlee to make the deal work. A player with the experience Iguodala possesses could easily give the Nuggets the push they need to make the NBA Finals.

LaMarcus Aldridge to the Cleveland Cavaliers

While the San Antonio Spurs have not been terrible this season, it is fair to say that they need a change if they hope to contend this year. Matt Ellentuck over at SB Nation suggests that Spurs big man LaMarcus Aldridge may be on his way out. He proposes a possible deal to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Kevin Love.

This is a trade that could happen somewhere down the road if both teams continue at their current trend. The Spurs could use a player with Love’s set of skills. He could immediately step in and contribute alongside DeMar DeRozan and possibly help lead the team deep into the playoffs. For the Cleveland Cavaliers, this trade may interest them due to the cap relief it would provide. Aldrige’s contract is set to expire in the 2021 offseason, whereas Love’s isn’t set to expire until 2023. This would allow the Cavaliers to renovate their roster over the next couple of seasons as opposed to much later down the line.

Aaron Gordon Interesting Several Teams

While Aaron Gordon has yet to explicitly ask for a trade it could make sense for many teams including the Orlando Magic. Per Shams Charania of The Athletic, Gordon interests multiple teams. However, the Magic have shown no interest in actually making a trade despite other teams calling. In the long run, it may benefit their franchise to make a deal. Gordon is a good player but is being paid quite heavily for the numbers he posts.

Another team may be willing to offer a hefty amount to acquire him. This would free up cap space as well as provide them with draft picks for the coming years. Many teams on the brink of contention such as the Portland Trail Blazers or the Indiana Pacers would benefit from adding a player of Gordon’s caliber. The question is whether anyone wants to take the chance and pull the trigger.

None of these NBA trade rumors are set in stone but don’t be surprised if one or all of them do occur somewhere down the line. As the trade deadline draws closer teams will get desperate to either reinvent or reinforce their roster. When the desperation kicks in the trades get made.

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