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Joey Votto’s Potential To Make It To Cooperstown

Joey Votto has been in the league for a long time. After all his accolades, is he Cooperstown-bound? Votto’s potential to make it to Cooperstown continues to grow. He has made a solid case to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. After his 17 years of service to the Cincinnati Reds, the question is – did he do enough?

Votto’s potential to land in Cooperstown

Votto has been around for a long time. During his long tenure with the Reds and in the MLB, he has put up impressive numbers all around. Votto has been with the Reds for 17 seasons since 2007. He has played 2,052 games, all with the same team. His loyalty to one organization alone makes him a rare breed. On top of that, some of the feats he achieved make his potential even greater to land in Cooperstown.

Votto’s career summed up.

From 2007 to 2023, Votto has worn the same jersey. In that time, he has 2,135 hits, 356 home runs, and 1,144 RBI. These numbers should jump off the charts, but there’s more. He has the second most home runs and third most RBI in Reds franchise history. Very few players have two categories in franchise history where they are top-five, but he does. 

Adding to all that, in 2010, Votto was the National League MVP. In 2011, he was a Gold Glove Award Winner. He was also selected to the National League All-Star team six times during his career. And if all that wasn’t enough for you, in seven of Votto’s 17 seasons, he led the National League in on-base percentage.

Votto’s future

Struggling with injuries this season, Votto has only played 62 games and has tied his worst season, currently hitting .205. He’s added 14 home runs and 38 RBI in his limited time on the field this year.

This sets up the question – is this Votto’s last season? Red’s fans are holding out hope it won’t be. Votto’s 10-year $225 million contract expires at the end of this season, but the Reds hold a 2024 club option for $20 million. If the Reds decide to decline, Votto is owed a buyout of $7 million, and he becomes a free agent. 

Votto has stated if he is still performing, he still wants to play. However, things are very uncertain at the moment. Votto, who turned 40 in September, struggled immensely this season when he was on the field, leaving much doubt about whether he’ll wear a Reds uniform next season. Only time will tell.

Is Votto potentially Cooperstown-Bound after all?

Whether Votto is still suiting up next season or not, when he does retire, he has certainly made a case to be in Cooperstown. If his numbers aren’t enough, how he played the game in his era should be. He played the game passionately and with an enjoyment that is rare to keep up for 17 years, but he did.

Not only does Votto have the potential to be in Cooperstown after he retires, but he may also not have to wait long for the call. He has a chance to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer after all the success he has had in his career. If this is the end for him, or if he continues another season, he has done enough to land in Cooperstown and has impacted many players along his journey.


Main Photo Credits: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sport


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